Saturday, December 4, 2010

a delight as always.

WHEW! I made it to round 3. Please vote on every phone and computer you have available. because if i make it to the top ten they will feature me, and i MIGHT find out who nominated me and why AND it's always just extra fun to be featured. Thanks for the blog love and support!


bunko was a delight as always. (well as delightful as hostessing gets). it's always more fun to go to someone else's house. but it was fabulous to have everyone over and have a reason to hustle our buns to get the house bunko ready.

there are 21 days until Christmas. YIKES!


the hubs birthday

Paxton's birthday

a family Christmas party here


guess where Christmas day brunch is at?


party down! We like to party it up here.

ok so it really stresses the heck outta me.
but in the end after i get over the party prep exhaustion,
i'm glad it is over. was a success.

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tammy said...

Bunko was a huge success! I just wish I had a voice to talk more. By the end of the night my voice was totally gone. Loved all the prices and the food and your house!

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