Wednesday, December 22, 2010

My winter lawn is greener than yours.

The grass, it's always greener. we've discussed this before.

today I ran into 2 different old friends.

it's been a few years for either of these friends since we've run into eachother.

One was with his wife and two kids. we chatted, caught up and eventually got to the question on everyone's mind... what # is this for you?

uh, yeah, # 7.

i commented just having 2 must be nice. his wife said, yeah, to some,

and to others that wish they could have more, but only get 2, 7 must be great.

we both sort of commented as we walked away thinking the grass, it's always greener.

later, as I made my way waddling to the restroom while the hubs paid, I ran into a girl from High school.

She was the height of fashion. Thin, gorgeous, put together and did i mention thin? and single.

and then there was me. she knew i was expecting my 7th , she must actually get my feed on FB still. (do you ever wonder who has you hidden?)

Anyway, her brother came up and she said, Yeah, I graduated with this girl, she is expecting her 7th, (long meaningful pause.)

he didn't catch on so she repeated it, I GRADUATED WITH HER and she's EXPECTING HER 7 TH CHILD! his eyes widened when he caught on to what she was saying.

SHE, could technically be me. and yet she's not.

I said yeah, I get to wallow with the pigs while SHE gets to be fashionable and live the fabulous free life.

She said, Nah I'm dried up and no one wants me. (WHICH I CAN'T BELIEVE she'd feel that way, SHE LOOKS AMAZING!)

This was after I silently/instantly upon running into her took personal inventory of myself?

THINKING gosh i wish...

- I'd put on make up this morning,

-actually taken time to blow-dry and flat iron my hair before I took Liberty to the dr. this morning. (for a mega ear infection)

-do I have something on my shirt?

-is my Vag-omach showing? (read: hangy crotch fat)

as we parted ways, I know I was in awe of her fabulous hair and cute outfit. coveting her cute boots and thinness.

she was probably still puzzled as to how I could have almost 7 kids. (of course I shared the fact that our mutual friend is expecting her 9th, ya know to take the amazement factor away from myself)

and we both probably thought for at least a second...the grass is always greener.

tonight as I was trying to avoid vomiting, while being mauled by my 4 year old who missed me all day while I ran assorted errands, and was demanding his daily dose of attention all at one time, thinking it was fun to alternately climb all over me, and kick me. swollen ankles, crampy belly.

My hyper 4 year old who insists he's on Santa's good list. NOT the naughty list.

the one that announced to grandma tonight that he liked to eat his boogers.

yeah. that kid. My little Devil.

later, i thought again about wallowing with the pigs.

this was after i'd yelled at and made the devil cry for trying to make the 20 two liter bottles of sprite on the table fall over like dominoes,

as I found the poor kid asleep under the tree where he'd gone to cry for being punished.

I thought now who is the pig here?

At that point it's me.

*sigh* tired mama guilt.

it gets me every time.

Once again I'm glad to have a little perspective. and to realize that while the grass is always greener, I'm pretty glad the kids don't mind wallowing with the pigs.

I am blessed. even when the days are long and hard. when the stress is high. the patience is thin. While I'm officially the fat sister, and pregnant on top of it. My life might be the one looking greener to someone else if they were only looking over the fence to my side.

in Christmas prep news, i'm a little closer to being ready, while still so far behind.

i have no time to be sick.

most kids are better. we are hoping no one else catches it or relapses.

The hubs got an encouraging call today. The Company he interviewed with last week called today, they want to hire him and are putting in an offer after the holiday. FINALLY, a light at the end of the tunnel.

and as people Facebook about shoveling their driveways, and torrential downpours and flooding,

my winter lawn has to be looking pretty darn green here in AZ.

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Audrey said...

I love your posts! lThey always put things back into perspective for me! Have a Merry Christmas!

vsalono said...

I'm sorry that you are now the fat sister. I know it sucks because I carried that torch for the past 20 years. At least you are still fabulous and fun and will ALWAYS be.
That is great news about Lance's job offer! Congrats!

Mama T. said...

I'm the fat sister in my family, too. Only I like to call myself a 'chubby chick'. And I don't even have the excuse of being pregnant. You are an amazing woman and I always appreciate and learn from your facebook comments and your blog. I love you.

tammy said...

Did you just say "hangy crotch fat"? I'm laughing at that one.

It's funny how we can always find someone to be jealous of, while not even realizing the people that admire us or wish they had a little of what we had. I'm sure your cute skinny friend wishes she had someone to go home to at night, and kids pulling on her at times.

Yay for the job offer!! I'm so excited for you. And you're not moving out of state, right?

Tracy said...

Not to go all Ann Landers on you, But the grass is not greener on the other side. No one know what goes on behind closed doors. Maybe that gal is sad and lonley at night withing for a family. You are making wonderful memories for your family. Your children will always have each other. How fun will Christmas be when they are older, married and have tons of cousins? You ARE blessed. The days are long and the years are short. Merry Christmas to you and your family. PS We are snow storm and out shoveling every hour to keep up. I have a BIG pot of Crazy Mamma Cocoa on the stove!

jayna said...

yay on the light at the end of the tunnel for the hubs!!! that is so exciting!! you wanna text me who you ran into from high school??

grass can certainly be greener... but yes, you are definitely blessed. :)

i will send your little gift. i promise... just haven't made it to the post office yet... it's been crazy!


Mamarazzi said...

perspective at it's finest, great post my friend!

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