Tuesday, December 21, 2010

December in pictures

December in pictures.

in reverse order....

the girls in long dangle earrings from Grandma Jones.

My herd with Santa at the family Christmas party.

Paxton Turned 10 on the 16th
My nephew Bronson came home from his mission in the Ukraine
Paxton participated in the school spelling Bee on 12/8/2010
The herd went to the big kids band concert
Liberty(age 11) plays the Flute in 5th grade band
Peyton (age 12) plays percussion in 6th grade.

I currently have the flu along with 4 kids who got it and so graciously shared it with me.

Christmas is days away. am I ready? not hardly.

I have wrapping to do, inventory to take, stockings to shop for,

and sibling shopping adventures ahead.

plus neighbor gifts to finish and deliver.

a gingerbread village to decorate with the kids and cookies to bake.

in the mean time i'm gonna take a hot shower and go to bed early.

just hoping to recover quickly.

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Nancy Pitney said...

Liberty looks just like you! Merry Christmas!

onehm said...

Are you feeling better yet? I hope that things are getting caught up for you...
DARLING photos of the herd.

Mamarazzi said...

love love love the girl's dresses. they remind me a lot of the dresses we got J and my niece for our wedding! darling!

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