Thursday, January 20, 2011

random acts of kindness, senseless acts of beauty!

I've always loved that quote.

And this week I was lucky enough to be on the receiving end of 2 delightful packages that meet that criteria!

Yesterday I walked out my front door and found a package on my doorstep.

Inside was a new hot pink purse from a fave friend from high school who was simplifying and cleaning out her closet!

(It was so gently used I would have thought she bought it just for me) the note said she thought of me as soon as she saw it!

How fabulous is that? I moved right in.

It Seriously made my week!


Saturday I received a fabulous pink and green flower necklace from Pinking Edge designs Etsy shop.

It was a giveaway on Dandelion Wishes - Mamarazzi's super fabulous blog. it came in the mail.


Other things making my week?

The finale of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills tonight! Yay. Love all the reruns building up to it.


And tomorrow night I get to go to an open house for the grand opening of STILL LIFE STUDIOS new downtown Mesa Studio/ storefront!

It's from 6 - 8 open to the public and they are doing giveaways!

Hello! Giveaways!

You've seen my family pictures!

They work miracles there!

If you can make it. You should go too!

Seriously awesome chance to win some fabulous family pics

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Jenifer said...

Hard to top a week like that! I'm so happy for you!

Jamie said...

Super cute necklace!! You scored for sure! How awesome to have such nice things happen during a week when things weren't so great. LOVE it!

Mamarazzi said...

super stoked the necklace made it to you and that you love it. get all skanktastic and take a picture. i would love to see it on you. seriously, time to break out the preggo pin up girl!! you could handle a few of THOSE looks!!

tammy said...

Really cute necklace! Love the colors in it.

Loved the RHBH finale. Wow. Some things really became clear on that episode. And as much as I haven't loved Camille, I felt bad for her and the way Kelsey treated her. I think Taylor is secretly a mean girl. I think Kim has issues. Major issues, like resenting having to support her family when she was a child, and them using all the money she made. And she obviously doesn't like confrontation. I wanted to help her fight when they all were ganging up on her. She doesn't know how to stand up for herself, or really how to handle herself socially in big groups. But I think she has an alcohol problem too. She needs help. Kyle is gorgeous. Lisa is a sweetie. Love Adrienne for keeping it real with her husband. Their relationship reminds me of mine and Luvpilot's. We'll have to discuss more later.

jayna said...

pleased as punch you liked the bag!! hugs to you.

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