Monday, January 24, 2011

It's time to suck it up and adjust.

We are getting a good routine down.
People are adjusting.

Almost everyone has had their turn being sick. Some for longer than others.

Even the hubs got it in Ohio. He thought he could avoid getting it by not coming home on friday. So ironically he came down with it late Thursday. He went to work friday and never let on that he was ill.

By Sunday he felt a little better and ventured out of his hotel and on his way back in...Murphy's law caught up with him and he slipped and hurt his ankle.

Some guys have no luck.

I've had a productive day of scheduling kids appointments and even one for me. Plus a chat with the insurance guy.

My exciting plans to go for my 3 hour glucose test were thwarted when Paxton threw up.

I was cool with putting that off for another day but bummed I had to miss out on a lunch date with some girls in this 'hood.

I've quickly learned how Suddenly everything goes out the window when you are working the single mother angle and vomit happens.

Last night I made the kids gather round with their clothes bins and we sorted the pile of clean laundry that had been waiting for me to deal with since the hubs left.

I've decided it's time for me to let it go and teach the kids how to put their clothes away. Where to find their own clothes and how to pick out outfits for themselves.

Because I just can't keep doing it all for everyone anymore.

It's funny to see who resists learning and who embraces it. Oddly enough it seems to fall across gender lines. The girls embracing it. While the boys resist.

Everybody is gonna have to suck it up and adjust. It's time.

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Cherie said...

Had the same epiphany yet mine are older and I decided that it was finally time for each of them to learn to wash dry and load their laundry. lol

Rebecca Irvine said...

Good for you. I am trying to get my kids to do more of their laundry too, but it is slow going. My son resists ironing his Sunday clothes.

Mamarazzi said...

i admire this HUGE step, i am certain i could not do it!! i know this was a hard thing to let go of.

you are awesome. your family is in our prayers!

tammy said...

I know how hard it is to do the single mom thing. Even though I only had two, I worked 4 days a week. It was hard. I don't have sympathy for whiners, but I do have empathy (and I'm not calling you a whiner :), just others.)

I've been reading Jamie's tips on how she does stuff, and it's made me wish I would've taught my boys earlier. I didn't want to relinquish control either. And sometimes it's just easier to do it yourself.

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