Friday, February 4, 2011

friday confessional


I'm having a baby shower. Which I am pretty stoked about and yet...
I confess Everyday I waffle back and forth about it.

Is it tacky? Vs I deserve a freaking party!

no one will come.vs just having my friend and some family there and it will be a laugh a minute.

Besides it's been 11years since i've had a shower and 5 since I had a baby and I have nothing.Well nothing but a pile of baby shoes I refused to share. And they are mostly girl ones.


I dream all night about whatever show I last watched before falling asleep.

Top chef? I wake up craving food.

Real housewives ? Drama all night.

Last night I fell asleep watching groundhogs day with the family. You know the line where andy mcdowell asked bill Murray " is this what you'd do with eternity?" When they are throwing playing cards into a hat?

That freaking line haunted me all night. Except I dreamt I was stuck repeating the same night/day for eternity, and it was me choking on heartburn, hacking up a lung and peeing every hour pregnant for eternity.

Worst nights sleep ever!

I confess one of the kids found a pair of underwear. Hidden in a bag of lingerie I haven't unpacked since we moved here.

Not my usual style as they were considerably less modest consisting of 3 pieces of string and a black/red heart and skull printed front. As they held them up by the side string they could tell they wouldn't cover my butt. They were totally grossed out at the thought.

As they went on discussing this pair of underwear I let them believe they were from high school.

(Instead of part of a valentines set from a couple years ago.)

Like that is better?


I confess I let Pierce ride his bike in the house just so I don't have to go outside and watch him.


I confess sometimes when the baby is jabbing me so much I feel like a foot is going to be dangling out, or I have too many contractions in a row I silently call the baby..."damn baby". Seriously yowza. Somedays I think I can't take much more of this.
I confess i'm dying to go shopping everyday but can't handle waddling through the store.

I confess if the hubs is buying anything I need something too or I feel cranky.

I confess I still have my christmas tree up in my front room and some christmas decor scattered among my valentines stuff.

I confess I heart valentines day but can't find my box of decorations since we moved. It's almost pointless now.

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jennykate77 said...

I love you. I just met you, but I love you. I confessed about my Christmas tree being up last Friday. You make me feel normal.

I think you should definitely be happy about the shower!! You totally deserve it. In my opinion, every baby deserves to be celebrated. HOpe you get lots of great stuff!

Love your confessions. HOpe you have a great weekend!

Rachel Murphy said...

Ok I agree with JennyKate! Love your confession and I was going to suggest just changing out the christmas tree to paper hearts! (then send me a picture because I am not brave enough to do it myself)

Have that shower and enjoy every minute of the well deserved time.. for every jab that sweet baby delivers... then go to the spa and let them paper you there!

Have a great week!

Shawn said...

I confess that after I read that you're pregnant with #7 I wasn't able to read and retain anything else!

tammy said...

You totally deserve a shower. Who has baby stuff in good condition after that many years and that many babies?

And the underwear comment cracked me up.

Yay for bunko tonight!

Melissa said...

You totally deserve a shower. I think with as many people as you know that there is no way that no one is going to show.

Heck, I'll send you a present just for enduring pregnancy 7 times. Girl, you must be a saint!!

Amy said...

You deserve a baby shower! Make sure you find your tiara and wear it proudly :)

I've also lost my box of Valentine decorations and I'm pretty pissed about it...

But I'm pretty pissed about lots of things these days. Maybe when this flu goes away I'll be happy again.

Terry said...

ABsolutely you deserve a shower!! I had one after 10 years...Showers are fun and babies are even MORE fun! All babies deserve something new :)

Nani Udall said...

I totally think you should have a baby shower! It's deffinetly time for a new round of baby gear when it's number seven!

Nani Udall said...

I totally think you should have a baby shower! It's deffinetly time for a new round of baby gear when it's number seven!

Serendipity said...

YOU absolutely need a baby shower! No question. Done. And I completely feel cranky if my hubs buys something and I got nothin.
I want to come visit and I totally want in with the baby shower. I want to help!

Mamarazzi said...

i am so thrilled to learn that someone is throwing a shower for you. THRILLED!!

i don't care if it is baby #7 i say celebrate, why does one baby deserve a shower over another...right?

i am so sorry i am late getting here i am usually do much better. i blame vicodin and back pain...ugh!

LOVE the story about the underwear...hilarious!!

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