Tuesday, February 8, 2011

top ten Tuesday- pick me ups

Sometimes ya get to the point that nothing else can brighten a bad day but something sweet. (Mine was cheesecake today.)

Retail therapy. If you've got the dough, it's the only way to go.

good old fashioned window shopping. Now you don't even have to leave the house you can get the same thrill shopping online for fantasy items. Of course this could further depress someone, so beware.

blog stalking your fave blogs. Crafty ideas. Touching stories. A good laugh out loud story, Where you revel in the fact that their life might suck a little more than yours.

Lighting up your fave scented candle. Or rub down with a deliciously scented lotion.

Blaring your fave songs from back in the day or the latest hits. Music can brighten a bad day speedy quick. Sing along in the car. Dance in the kitchen. Shake your booty with your kiddos or hit the real dance floor with the ladies. Play guitar hero, just dance or karaoke to your hearts content.

Read a book. Are Trashy novels your style? The latest teen novel series or a self help book? Or forget a book and grab a magazine. What is your go to magazine?

Call a friend to gossip or vent. Go to lunch with your fave friends. They understand you ,they love you just as you are.

Put on something in your favorite/signature color and work it baby. Do your make up,ditch the ponytail, put on a little jewelry and pretend like you have somewhere more exciting to go than walmart or the carpool pick up line. If you look good you feel good!

Stop in for a little liquid sanity. Whatever your flavor is it's a cheap thrill that can cure what ails ya.

Are you wondering what to do If none of these work?

My advice? Let fly with the expletives and hide out in your room. Take a shower or a long nap or just put the kids to bed early, hit the hay and hope for a brighter tomorrow. Or find a sitter and combine as many of these as you can and don't come home until all the kids and hubs are in bed.

Good luck. May you find your bliss.

PS- i'm fine. The hubs is gone but i'm feeling decent. We are surviving.
I'm coping with take out and retail therapy. And the maid came. Life is good.

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Cynthia said...

I'm having a downer night too so it's a good time for me to read your suggestions. I just got back from window shopping at the mall and it most definitely made me feel worse!

Guess I should stop stewing over the rude comments from my Mom and feeling bad and just let some big 'ole nasty words fly!

Mamarazzi said...

i need a maid.

a made will help me find my bliss.

jayna said...

i want a maid too. i was a totally grouchy pants the other night and finally just had to put myself to bed. that did the trick.... ha ha ha.

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