Thursday, March 31, 2011

baby baby baby ohhhh

We've been keeping busy around here.

The whole fandamily attended The blue and gold banquet last night.

Tonight we went to the family dance at school. Complete with the chicken dance and the electric slide.

Whoohoo let me tell ya.

Riot is 4 weeks old today. This week he weighed 9.92 lbs.

He's the sweetest and quietest baby, (unless he is starving or has a tummy ache.) And then he only cries a little until you fix what's ailing him.

I love a newborn cry so I've recorded him a few times. This time I took his Binky away. (I'm sharing for those that like a newborn cry too)

If I could share a whiff of his magic scented noggin via the computer I would. He's delicious. We love baby magic here.

Have you ever noticed as soon as you brag about a baby sleeping through the night it doesn't happen, jinxed myself.

And as soon as I sound like i'm feeling great I hit another funk. Sheesh. I went shopping for myself today and didn't like anything enough to buy it. I hate that.

Oh well I still feel decent and a funk that keeps me from buying anything isn't all bad.

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CassiB said...

LOVED holding him the other day! I love the newborn cry too, from the very first one that brings a tear to my eye. That stinks about the sleeping, but I always say if they do it once or twice a week, thats better than never.

andrea said...

Oh that CRY! I might have started lactating again just hearing that..... ;)

What a cutie, hope he starts sleeping better speedy-quick, and that you find the perfect formula for him. Because nothing gets momma out of a funk quicker than a good nights sleep.

Julie said...

I DO love that cry, but I have to share.... While I was playing the video, our dog was laying asleep next to me. As soon as she heard the cry, she got up and crept over to the computer. I had forgotten when a guard-dog she became for Lachlan. Always watching out for the baby. LOVE it!

I hope you get to enjoy every second of the sweetness of this little guy!

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