Thursday, March 24, 2011

cuddly caterpillar and skin tanning

a random assortment of kiddie quotes

Yesterday I forgot it was early release on Wednesday. Liberty finally called to remind me to pick them up. When Joy got in the car she said she was " skin tanning" while she waited by laying on a bench in the sun.

Joy says skin tanning, I say cultivating melanoma. Watch for it on fb this summer as my status.


Every time I swaddle Riot in a blanket the big kids refer to him as the caterpillar. He's 3 weeks old today by the way. Sweet as can be.

He spits up quite a bit. Projectile style.

Down the cleavage used to be my least fave place to be puked on, now i've discovered in the armpit is worse. (That's what I get for burping him while laying down.)


Last week Joy wanted to play with her tea set and have a tea party with her cousin Maria. She was bragging about owning it to anyone that would listen. She called it her "porch-elin" tea set. As I sat there wondering if I heard her correctly, my sister marveled at how lucky she was to have real a porcelain tea set.

Gotta love when they can read but have never heard the word before. We joked about potpourri and how awesome the quotes are from Mega Mind which is NOW PLAYING in my car. (Almost more fun to listen to than watch.)


Pierce has started "spitting up". Gotta love that as he spits on purpose. OY!


The last few days the puking plague has hit us and even I have not avoided the pleasure of it. Sigh. Of course it hits when the hubs is in LA for work. Damn Murphy and his stupid law.

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andrea said...

Hope you all feel better ASAP! And that you get your hubby home soon. I marvel at mom's that do it with out-of-town husbands. 4PM rolls around at my house and I'm counting down the minutes until mine walks in the rock!

Julie said...

Oh, I hear ya sistah. That's ALWAYS when my kids get sick--when I'm dealing with it alone. Hope it passes quickly.

Thank you for making me laugh today. Riot is DARLING! What a blessing!

You are an amazing woman! Just thought I'd let you know how I really feel.

Mamarazzi said...

i love that kid pierce...spitting up bwahahahahaha

Jen said...

Hope you are feeling better! Riot is too cute! Love that they refer to him as a catapillar. Ugh on the spit up! Just when I think the boys are doing better we have a day where I am covered in it!

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