Friday, March 25, 2011

Fantasy couches and baby pee- friday confessional


is now on the top of my "if I won a million dollars I'd buy this first" list.

It beat out my long term plan to buy a rabbit poop ice machine and soda fountain for my house. (that statement is TRULY SAYING SOMETHING, you have no idea, the rabbit poop ice machine has been my #1 plan for years now. )


I saw these couches and ottoman on the Real Housewives of New York season 3 finale special (rehash and bitch fest). did you see this episode?? it was a re-run getting ready for the new season.

I instantly fell hard and fast for the hot pink splendor.

Antique White Ottoman with Pink Velvet Upholstery (4) - Bridge Furniture & Props

and the quest to find them online began.

I was saddened to not find a price listed for them (call for pricing) *SIGH*

i mean, i can't fantasize owning them if i don't have a price for them. i'm tempted to call.


the hubs mocked my love for them. He believes they are hideous but I don't frankly care.

If i won a million dollars the man would have to sit and read on these beauties and yet, let's be real,

if i owned fantasy couches no one would be allowed to sit on them except me, while i laid around all day eating bon bons.

it's a fantasy right? these couches would never be spit up on either. or jumped on by my unruly children.


i'm wearing dry baby pee on my jeans.

I rationalize it like this.... it's dry, not visible like poop and not smelly like spit up.

Win win.

plus by the time I'd showered and dressed for the day I couldn't be bothered to change into pants that hadn't been peed on right after I got dressed.


I was lucky to have showered.


last week when I walked into a movie theater I made the statement, "it smells like baby poop in here." Baby poop stinks like buttered popcorn sometimes.


chocolate eggs are breakfast food.

They are on my lunch menu too.


I believe in quarantining my family.

This week 4 of us had the pukes.(me and 3 kids) I kept everyone home from school.

We stay home from church if more than a couple people are sick too.

I figure Ya never know who will be next to fall ill or Who is contagious.


the baby just let a huge one rip (farted/possible poop). it was remarked on by the hubs. Peyton( #1) said was that the baby or you? (At the hubs)

Hope( #5) chimed in, "actually the puppy on Patriot's butt burped."

and as un classy as we all are, we laughed.

confession- i went to the loft to edit this post (it has been months since I've stepped more than a foot into the loft much less sat at my computer.)

it started me screaming like Mrs. Hannigan!

these people are PIGS! FILTHY PIGS! cups, wrappers, bowls. seriously?


oh wait, i mean "THIS DUMP better shine like the top of the Chrysler building!

my little pig droppings !"


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tammy said...

Daily I walk into the mancave otherwise known as the den at yell at the mess in there. Even my neat child has started getting lazy.

I eat my chocolate right out of the chocolate chip bag, sometimes for breakfast. It's not good.

I'm glad you quarantine because not enough people do when they should and it ticks me off!

Mamarazzi said...

i love your confessionals and i love that sofa!! i feel in love with it when i first saw it on RHNY...girl i love me some real housewives...the miami girls are totally disappointing me tho.

i cannot believe it comes before the ice machine...but then again if you are rich you can get a bevy-boy to deliver for you...when your regular bevy-boy (the hubs) is out of town.

of course if you are rich he won't have to work away from home.

so many things to think about...

Julie said...

BEAUTIFUL! I don't confess any more after my last experience. I'm not ready to be raked over the coals any more, but you do it well, my dear. I'm CRACKING up at you.

Now, are you going to tell me that if I put myself in my car and drove all the way from OR to AZ, you wouldn't let me sit on your gorgeous couch and eat bonbons with you?

Love the puppy burping thing. That'd become a permanent fixture at my house.

The baby poop/buttered popcorn thing is SO true! I've told my kids that a million times, but I hadn't heard any one else say it. I won't eat highly buttered popcorn because of it.

I've also quarantined my family before when more than just a few of us have been sick. We especially did it when H1N1 was all the rage. To be honest, I'm not afraid of us getting sick, but I'm very sensitive about getting others sick. I mean, heck, we sample the germs from four different schools. How can we avoid getting sick?

BTW, I remember reading about your rabbit poop ice machine, and I think it's a great goal, but that couch....I'm right there with you, girl!

andrea said...

My kids would use that ottoman as a trampoline. Whether it was bouncy or not....

Hope you got the loft clean and shiny. Hate it when the kids destroy'd think after getting in trouble repeatedly for it they'd learn....

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