Wednesday, April 20, 2011

feeling romantical and tales of my easter apparel vision quest.

ah well, i sat down to post, on my REAL COMPUTER, not my pocket one (aka my phone).

i got sucked into digitally running hither and yon ,

skipping my lou to this link and that.

well i got a little sidetracked.

it happens. it might happen to you. since i've posted a link or two. don't get lost before you finish reading and commenting though. sheesh. ;)

did you see that darn cute peep printable? i found it on this friends blog and hopped over to download my own free printable.

i love peeps.

i love cadbury eggs.

i love reese's peanut butter eggs.

i love easter.

speaking of easter...

this year i don't love shopping for Easter dresses.

the girls have asserted their desire to no longer match.

i die a little inside every time i think about it.

Joy had previously stated that she would prefer the color scheme to NO LONGER BE PINK AND BLACK!

hubba wha?

again, i die a little.

the brightside?

i do believe i have conquered this battle for the year, and found coordinating dresses in a crowd pleasing color scheme.

imagine 7 pastel easter eggs lined up in a row. there will be pictures.

the relief is great.

in other news, the hubs and I have been hitched for 14 years now.

the other night the big kids spent the night at Grandma JoAnn's. so we took the baby out with us like we always do.

first we hit the store on my quest for easter dresses. where the BABY PUKED all over me. seriously, ewww.

i cleaned it off the best i could and changed his whole outfit. as i dried it became less obvious that i'd been spit up on as long as you weren't inhaling too closely.

so we continued on to dinner and the book store then headed home.

i changed into something "more comfortable" and indicated to the hubs that we had some "celebrating" to do since we were essentially alone. {WINK}

the baby was eating and the hubs was reading, so he shot me down and said once the baby was situated we'd "get down to business".

i apparently rolled over and fell asleep 2 minutes later.

the phrase " you snooze you lose" fits well here.


apparently i'm back to the tired new mom phase again.

i had to laugh about it the next day.

anywho, a few days passed ...

we rang in our anniversary helping Peyton create his giant poster for his world report on Norway, after i'd slaved away baking him cookies for his presentation.

i made spritz. they are divine. all butter, and totally delicious. have you had some before? you should .

back to 14 years of delight.

we didn't even go to lunch yesterday. i had a hair appointment and i have priorities. it had been 6+weeks since i'd had it done before (right before i went in to have the baby, i mean RIGHT BEFORE less than 3 hours before, again priorities.)

so last night we had a Romantical dinner out, together, with 5 kids (2 wanted to stay home) at BARRO's in the back playroom.

nothing says love like Pizza with the herd.

i didn't have to cook dinner. THAT IS LOVE.

i even sat in the backseat with mr.grumpy pants on the way home. again romantical.

we joked about it the whole time. we have a sense of humor.

besides. the kids were stoked about 14 years of marital stamina just as much as we were, actually they were probably more stoked.

marital relations is what got us all these kids to begin with. so celebrating with the kids is appropriate.

I'm on quest to finish up the Easter Sunday apparel shopping, (hello, i need something new)

and i have to hunt down casual attire for the annual easter picnic/ semi-annual Christensen reunion.

it's tradition my herd matches. my OCD says i have to continue it, and my reputation has people waiting to see what i come up with.

the pressure is great.

so if you don't hear from me before easter you know why.

until then, Peep calm and carry on!

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Wendy Phelps said...

Yeah! I am one of those people waiting to see!

Mamarazzi said...

oh a little piece of me dies too. i love the matching herd.

i can't wait to see what you come up with.

no black or fuchsia?

feels wrong.

but i bet it will still be fabulous!!

Julie said...

Thank goodness for having a sense of humor, huh? You kind of have to to keep the sanity (or what appears to be sanity), at least that's how it is in my world.

Glad you got to do some things for you.

Can't wait to see what you come up with. I'm so NOT that way. I think people must wait to see if my kids are going to come fully dressed at this point in my life.

Libby said...

You crack my up Julie!!! Love your post!

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