Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter weekend 2011

I promised pictures galore. So here you go.

The first 3 pictures are the Easter Sunday formal attire.

The next set is the family easter picnic casual attire.

For both days everyone coordinated which I discovered on my quest is considerably more difficult to shop for than straight up matching.

I confess I hate how I look in both pictures . but for journaling sake it should be evidenced that I was in attendance. So i'll get over my issues and be brave.

For labeling sake i'll list the kids names and ages for the Bottom picture.

Pierce(4), Hope(6), Joy(8), Paxton(10),Liberty(11) -holding Patriot(7wks), Peyton(12)
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tammy said...


Libby said...

Adorable Julie!!!!

onehm said...

LOVE!!! I am always so impressed with your coordinating outfits. You are amazing!!

Taralyn said...

I guess I'm a blogger Stalker lol - I have no idea who you are or how I found your blog... But I <3<3<3 it!!! You are so REAL and funny as hell!!! (whoops that's a quarter in my jar) lol Your family is Beautiful!!! Your oldest daughter looks so much like you and in the past 2 years that I have been reading - She has really grown up (all your children have) But I wanted to say - She is REALLY a Beautiful Girl (young woman)

Julie said...

Beautiful! Simply beautiful!!! I love to see your kids holding Patriot. So sweet!

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