Monday, April 4, 2011

sign here for that taco please

Yesterday we had tacos. Pierce made 2 at once, so he had a spare on his plate when he was finished and wandered off. I offered his ready made, perfect taco to anyone at the table when Paxton claimed it.

A minute later Pierce was at his side asking him to , "write your name here on this paper."

Almost like he was asking him to sign a contract for the transfer of ownership of the taco.


The other night the hubs and I ventured out to Costco.

We were travelling light with only 5 kids (2 were at sleepovers) .

We were in the back by the meat section when Pierce was looking in the butcher case at some side of beef when he said, "gross, they cut someone in half."

The look on his face said he thought it was a real person.

The hubs said ,"it wasn't someone, it was a cow,"

so Pierce looked again and then poked it.

Another shopper smiled at me as she overheard the conversation,

I felt awesome when I saw her chuckling and telling her family.

A few minutes later we made it into the refrigerated produce room,

instantly the 4 walking kids ran in and hid behind racks.

A developmentally disabled young lady was watching me tell them to get out of there ( threaten the kids.)

All I could do was smile at her and say ," we brought our April Fools. With us to coscto."

Then For a second, I imagined letting them hide behind the racks quietly and when someone came to pick up a bag of salad they jump and shout boo at them. While i recorded it.

That thought made me giggle,

so they were spared punishment for acting stupid in the veggie room.


I've noticed tons of people stare and smile at the sight of a new baby.

And the hubs and I both think we've never been asked if this is our first as often as we hear it now.

We didn't get asked that as often when it was our first. (Maybe because it was obvious back then that it was).

I still have things come up that have never happened to me before though.

Yesterday I was changing the baby, he'd been pooping more than normal and we'd been fighting red bottom so when I'd heard evidence of "a movement" I was quick to jump on it.

Well apparently it was mostly gas and he wasn't finished taking care of business because when I pulled his feet up to wipe him, the abdominal pressure caused....

A five foot stream of buttered popcorn baby poop came shooting out.

a poop geyser = naturally occurring, totally random when it goes off and a sight to behold.

I screamed, then all I could do was laugh when it happened, so the hubs was watching and confused about what help I needed.

Of course this happened when I went into the diaper change with a single wipe and I was changing him on my lap, on my couch and the diaper bag was missing the usual box of wipes.

Of course the kids came running when they heard me scream and then laughing hysterically.

I looked up and saw all of them lined up against the railing in the loft gawking at me. One of them ran to get the box of wipes.

I can honestly say that had never happened before in my almost 13 years of parenting experience.

it was one of those moments you have to laugh or cry. usually i hafta just laugh
life here is never dull.

**This picture has nothing to do with anything except I thought it was funny of my nephew joe with a net on his head.

Patriot was a month old yesterday. I can't believe it has flown by so fast. He has added so much to our family already. The kids are still so excited to hold him and so proud to show him off to friends. The older kids are a huge help offering to hold him or feed him. He's the first one they say hello to in the mornings and the last one they kiss goodnight.
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Cara @ Gardenview Cottage said...

So funny! Loved all the stories and Riot is getting so big already! The poop thing happened to me once and's funny!

Julie said...

Oh my goodness!!! I'm so glad you didn't have your video recorder going at that point. Yuck! But, your description is priceless.

Btw, I totally thought of you last night when the topic of "sharts" came up during family council last night. CLASSIC! Why are there some homes who never have such conversations? To be honest, I'm glad I'm not part of one of those families.

tammy said...

Sweet how much they love him.

I loved the taco story.

Melissa said...

You truly are the only one that could make having 7 kids look easy. I would have cried and then made the hubby clean up the poop.

Laughter is truly the best medicine and obviously in your house little Riot is making more than enough room for himself.

Good for you, Julie!

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