Wednesday, April 6, 2011

dino ride

It's not everyday you see a dinosaur riding on someones shoulders. :)

I looked up from feeding the baby and saw Pierce walking by.


The hubs is in San Fransisco this week.

I missed my bunko group last night because Paxton puked on his desk at school yesterday and Pierce has had some stomach bug that has him spending quality time on the potty and some unfortunate surprises (read: shart ).

So I sacrificed and stayed home to mother them.

By evening I was seriously frustrated with this travel idea, (just my luck he was home for a week and a half and THEN leaves the day I have bunko and sick kids.) Sigh.

I confess I almost cried.

Then i felt guilty because i was less patient than I could have been because people were irritating me and didn't do what I'd asked. Somehow it made missing out even worse.

I spent the evening watching
"what not to wear. " Anyone wanna nominate me for that show?

Hope came down with the pukes in the middle of the night so she is home today too. She used the sink though which led Liberty to say, "I live with a bunch of idiots!"

My reply? "Don't we all?"

The brightside? Puke in the sink is way better than the carpet! I pointed that out to everyone who was peeved at Hope.

So far today anyone remotely ill hears, " get away from the baby, you're sick!"

It makes me feel awesome to yell that but seriously I could do without a sick baby.

Of course since they are home they are plotting trips to mcdonalds and going swimming. And a beverage run to sonic.

Liberty was feeling gross too so instead of risking anyone else puking publicly she got to stay home but she has had to help with laundry and fetch anything I want.

I panicked when the schools phone # called. It was just an informative message. Whew, I was scared Joy or Peyton was sick.

Today is one of those days I want to talk to someone. An adult.

I call friends to chat.

I stalk facebook waiting for some new updates.

I might call the hubs to see how exciting his life is.

Funny thing is, he eats in fancy restaurants and wishes he was having spaghetti at home.

He goes to big cities and sees nothing exciting sitting in meetings all day.

He eats Dinners with coworkers and talks work all evening.

He just sleeps at the hotel. Silent, climates controlled solitude. (Sounds blissful to me!)

He rides around in town cars and limos.

I sleep in a bed with a wiggly 4 year old and wake up multiple times at night to a crying newborn.

I Eat dinner with kids who try to beat each other at "who can make the most annoying sounds game?" These people chatter nonstop and bicker in between.

I ride around in a car listening to whining and disney movies.

While I wouldn't want to be gone all time time, it would Be fun to ride on a plane somewhere, see a big city and eat somewhere fancy.

Oh well. The grass is once again greener.

Even with me having to miss out on stuff, and the hubs hating being gone we are thankful for the job, and the paycheck.

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Tracy said...

So sorry to hear about the pukes. We had them also. Mostly the"other"
end. Isn't it crazy how the hubs are always out of town when the fun stuff happeneds? Hang in there.
The days are long and the years are short!

Janna said...

You rock and I love your blog

Kimm said...

I remember when Bob was gone all the time. I coveted his life. He got to fly everywhere, eat out, enjoy the peace and quiet of a hotel room. He is a homebody too and would have rather been at home. Ah, the grass is always greener! So sorry you have sickie kids! NO FUN!

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