Tuesday, May 24, 2011

imaginative summer plans

Patriot laughed for the first time on Sunday.

Love it.

He laughed until he cried.


There are only 2 days left of the school year. Today the 6th grade had a swimming party. They rented out the jr. High pool for the private party. They had snow cones and popcorn, Pizza and came home with a commemorative t-shirt.

I can't believe I will have a kid in junior high next year!

We had a meeting with the principal of the school he's going to. It's a 7-12th grade back to basics charter school.

I asked if 16 year olds can drive to school.

Yeah i'm thinking ahead and mostly because the rest of my kids are planning to go there and when that happens Peyton can drive liberty, paxton,and joy to school with him when he's 16. It's only 4 years away. OMG!


Anyway back to reality. Or a different version of fantasy land.

Depending on what the hubs work schedule looks like we might go to boston for a month this summer.

Or a few weeks in LA.

When we originally talked about it we were planning on LA. And I only thought I could manage the 7 kids out of our element for 2 weeks mostly solo all day.

Now suddenly if we go to boston I think I can somehow manage a month there?

How is that different? Except boston is a longer drive and there are a billion sights to see.

LA is a shorter drive and I can only imagine how expensive it would be to entertain the herd there. Theme park anyone?

I think it's because I know I could do the drive home from LA by myself if I decided it was more effort than being home.

We'll see. It's still unknown and i'm pretty sure I'd be just fine hanging out at home in the pool everyday.

I was going to sign up everyone for swim team but haven't yet.

What are you doing this summer?

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Mamarazzi said...

well i am hoping to meet you in JUNE, RAD!

my friends Myya and Macey are bringing their kids (3 girls and 2 boys all under 8) for 10 glorious days of fun fun fun.

6 of my 7 nephews will be arriving for our annual Camp Vasquez.

and i am hoping for a weekend away with my hubz at some point.

thats is all that is really "planned"

you should just bring the herd here i can think of a million delightful things we can do on the cheap!

Jeannie said...

Hey! Haven't commented in a WHILE! But still reading! We are in Boston!! Come here and visit! : )

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