Wednesday, June 1, 2011

flag shorts and my 4 yr olds big ambition

Oh geeze sometimes I struggle, do I start the post with the gross funny story or something else?

It seems i've totally lost my blogging mojo.

How did I ever get 35 comments per post?

Well for one thing I posted, sometimes 3x daily (I type 3 times daily but say thrice daily in my head), which I haven't done lately.

Oh well. No love for me.

How about the Funny gross story?

Pierce just crapped his swimsuit.( I know sick!!!)

He'd been farting by the big boys and apparently went one too far.

I asked him as he was getting in the shower..."were you trying to fart?"

Sounding dismayed he replied ,"Yeah, I just wanted to stink up the whole house!"

Genius. And I smiled a little to myself. That's some big ambition there buddy. (We have vaulted ceilings.)

I knew he'd been letting stink bombs before because I'd heard (from my bed) Paxton and my nephew Nate grossing out over the stench.

I am babysitting 2 of my little sisters kids while she is at girls camp this week.

My mom took my girls so I wouldn't go crazy with 9 kids all day everyday. And now i'm traveling light with only 6 boys.

it's been pretty quiet, except when they were running laps around me and dancing by me while I was reading. (Great Expectations came on my xoom I'd never read it before)

On memorial day we had my family over for a swim party and bbq.

36 people total. When the hubs counted there were 20 kids in the pool. And more later. The kids had a great time.

Patriot wore his flag shorts for the event. But posing was not on the top of his favorite list that day.

He's 3 months old this week!

I still need to upload all of my pictures and video from Peyton's 6th grade promotion and his field trip. Plus Joy's last day of school rocket launch and swim birthday party.

So far the latest I've managed to sleep in is 8:00 am. Wth? New baby is messing with my summer vacation plans. Sigh.

I'll train him soon enough.

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Jamie said...

I'm happy if I get more than just my sister to post a comment on my blog!

CassiB said...

Totally gross, but way funny! Riot looks so cute even tho he wasn't feeling the photo shoot.

Piper said...

HA! A "shart"!

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