Thursday, June 2, 2011

i have a feeling my peeps will miss me.

My friend Jen extended a challenge on her blog . Cutting out takeout. She's limiting herself to once a week. I already hit sonic today to get change for the maid. But i'll start today anyway.

I'd been thinking about her challenge. NO WAY could I do this.

We eat takeout alot. It's pretty much all my job pays for is take out and the maid weekly.

And yet as I was in line waiting for my beverages and change I thought a little harder about it.

Just on drinks, not even food, I waste probably ten bucks a day on drinks at sonic.

Hello, if I eliminated just my thrice daily beverage runs for A month I could afford my dream purse. WTFreak?

$300 bucks a month wasted on drinks? Sadly yes. Don't judge me.

If I shopped and planned my dinner/lunch menu better I could probably stop picking up take out.

Whalah! That money could go towards back to school clothes. Or my dream purse.

(hello break the bank!)

So while I thought there was absolutely no way in heck I could do this...i'm now thinking holy crap what have I got to lose?

I'm in.

My friend onehm is doing it too and she has menu charts and shopping list charts on her blog. (Check for her in my links, I can't link on my phone)

Disclaimer: this challenge is the first thing to go if we go out of town for summer. So far i'm planning on being here though and saving up for that purse. Ahem I mean school clothes for the herd. Sigh.

I'm modifying it though. And giving us Once a week for the family (in case I go out to lunch or crave pizza night) and once a weekend for date night. (Hello, I can't totally deprive myself of dates)

I have a feeling my sonic peeps will miss me.

Jen has menu ideas on her sidebar and a challenge status there too but my sidebar is crowded and I'm lazy so all you get from me is a status update in the post.

Or maybe on my fb fan page. It could use some action.

So what do you think? Coach purse? Will it be mine?

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CassiB said...

I'm totally doing the challenge too. We got sonic right after I read her post, lol. Checked out the charts and lists, I think it's totally doable. My once a week will be either date or family night. I don't think I'll save enough for a coach purse, but I may just get the rest of this baby weight off!

onehm said...

It's something we can totally do! :) YAY us! I'm excited to see that new purse of yours...I mean the kids back to school clothes. :)

Jen said...

Totally reward yourself with the purse!! And modify it anyway you want, and don't feel bad for cheating if you have to. I am feeling a little more motivation though since work has been SLOW for Jeff and with commission only that sucks for us, so takeout is the first thing I will give up if I have too. Good luck!!

Erica@PLRH said...

I miss Sonic and their cherry limeade. However, I've moved on to Chik fil A's sweet tea. Heaven.

We could definitely benefit from reducing our take out/eating out habit too. But like you, I'm not about to give up date night. ;)

tammy said...

You can totally do it. I always think, $30 in take out for my family, or $30 for a new shirt or house item for me?? Some nights that makes me want to cook and some nights I'd rather buy dinner. But since Blaine's been having to be off work we totally cut back on the eating out. I think it's been 3 times since April 1 and one of those was $5 pizzas. It's also amazing how much I've saved on gas not going shopping. We've easily saved several hundreds just on gas, shopping and eating out.

You can do it! Keep the prize in mind.

Carie said...

SO, I say what the hell are you thinking? Are you crazy? Are you forgetting Costa? Are you forgetting all those yummy ice cream specials when it's hot? You obviously are not in your right mind, and need someone to shake you until you come to your senses, first the "practical" purse and now this? Who are you? I am so beside myself with this news from you, and then to make matters worse you extend the challenge to us since we all know misery loves company! I hate it when I feel like I am the only crazy one out here, please don't abandon me, but who are you foolin, one bad day and I know you will crumble and go running back even if it is in secret to all your hot spots, I know you wont let me down!
Sheesh, what's next? Are you going to challenge us all to get up at 5am to join you at bootcamp?!?
Alrighty I'm off to get my Costa, and then maybe a stop off for a Cherry Dr Pepper at Sonic, then just for kicks I may or may not go by Dairy Queen and pretend all these people don't know me by name, and my usual order, I think I'll just go in Drag!
Carie, your old and trusty blog stalker.

Mamarazzi said...

you can totally do this!! i need to check out the menus and charts..

Cara @ Gardenview Cottage said...

You can rock this sistah! I'm in too. Haven't eaten out once this week...I'm feeling pretty proud. I need to post an update and Ashley is awesome for giving us access to those menus!

jayna said...

oh yeah. you can totally do this!! and i told jen this too, but even for a single girl (like myself) it takes a ridiculous amount of time to plan menus and things. but it certainly adds up on the cash side. i say, save up for the purse. or the school clothes.

you got this.


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