Sunday, June 19, 2011

happy fathers day to the hubs

He's the kind of dad that woke up at 8 am on fathers day to a crying baby. (I was in the bathroom).

He woke up happily , even though he was up working until 2 am, To receive a fathers day cherry fritter in bed with a side of squirt soda.

The kids were so excited to give him an assortment of his favorite candy for fathers day.

He let them all pile onto him while he laid in bed.(see 1st pic)

They lined up and covered him from shoulder to feet. Squishing him.

He changed a poopy diaper while I made his favorite meal.

He cleaned up the rest of the dinner mess so I could take care of the baby.

He has a job that takes him all over the US . he hates traveling but he does it for the sake of our family.

He would rather be home with me and the kids eating pb& j instead of riding in limos or schmoozing with big wigs at fancy restaurants.

He works hard and loves us and does what he has to.

Happy fathers day to the hubs.

We love you the best!
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tammy said...

Sounds like the best kind of dad.

Jen said...

How great that he kept on doing what makes him a great Dad on his day! Happy Father's day to him!

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