Saturday, June 18, 2011

Breathe through your nose...

Yesterday I was doing the girls hair before movie fun.

we were uncharacteristically up early and i don't do the kids hair daily lately, but since i see a million people i know there we had to gussy up.

(It seems our basic grooming habits have gone on vacation.)

I figure... they swim, who needs a bath?

or their hair brushed, no one is going to see it and my efforts will be ruined in the pool right?

geeze, i got distracted, i was telling a story here....

Yesterday I was doing the girls hair before movie fun....when Joy was complaining about how i was brushing her hair, apparently all those swimming snarls hurt if you don't brush your hair.

Hope said, "JUST BREATHE THROUGH YOUR NOSE! When something hurts you have to breathe through your nose and it feels better."

I was thinking ok deep calming breaths sure, it might work.

( lamaze breathing -heee hee heee heee WHOOOOO)

Liberty asked where she got this tidbit of knowledge?

(such sage advice from a 6 year old.)

Hope started telling us..."One time when i was at the dentist, they were giving me a shot and i started to freak out and they told me to breathe through my nose. and it worked." (amazement in her voice)

Joy chimed in about then, " that's because of the laughing gas they had on your nose."

still , taking a deep breath is a great advice.

o I have to do it all the time.


blogger has a new mobile device option so if you are viewing this blog on a mobile device it will hopefully load faster.

i THINK it's a new option anyway, since i am usually posting on my mobile device i'm not sure how long it's been around. today i'm on my real computer. it's so rare i get to actually sit down at it anymore.

posting while baby holding at the computer is less easy than i remember.

i get distracted at the real computer and then can't think of anything to post.

MY typing skills have suffered from my lack of keyboard time.

I'm getting ready to send Peyton off to scout camp on Monday. holy crap i never realized how expensive it is. first just to get to go, and then to get his crap together. and if it's on the list i feel like we HAVE TO HAVE IT.

whether he really needs it or not i don't know. and then i was packing his stuff and apparently 3 pairs of jeans and 2 pairs of shorts is JUST too MANY PAIRS OF PANTS.

the hubs said he'll probably wear the same ones all week.

UGH. boys are gross

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