Tuesday, June 21, 2011

rad slash not rad

Rad- camera phone pics. Loads of them.

Not rad-it looks like I only take pics of the baby or the baby and siblings. No pictures of siblings alone. Which I did take pics of the kids playing dress up at Grandma Joann's. But the boys were all in drag. Not posting those.

Rad-the house is super quiet. Peyton is at scout camp for the week. And the hubs is in Toronto.

Not rad- the vibe here is totally different without them here.

Rad- One kid removed and the dynamic here totally changes.

Not rad- Apparently I miss him. he left without kissing me goodbye. Seriously? No hug even? Sigh. (Peyton not the hubs)

Rad-he didn't wake me up to take him to meet up to leave for scout camp. @4:30 am. But still.

Rad- we started piano lessons for the kids. And she came to my house to do it.

Not rad- before she came I was regretting setting the time at nine.

Rad- once it was over I was stoked we were done early.

Rad- we have almost nothing on our schedule this week. Traveling light with only 6 kids.

Rad- thrifty ice cream @ water and ice. Chocolate malted crunch, mint and chip and rocky road in a waffle cone.

Not rad- finishing my book series and wishing there was more.

Rad? Comments from people that read this.

Rad- blog roll call! Come out come out whomever you are...new? Old? Lurkers?

Here's to Ice cream cones and comments

- Crazymama

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Serendipity said...

I love that traveling light consists of only 6 kids with you. :) BTW what book series did you finish? Miss you. XOXO

CassiB said...

I'm here! I love chocolate malted crunch. The little man is getting so big!!

Jen said...

Here!! I just got that same guitar/camo outfit for the babies! I just was thinking how I needed to wash it and then saw Patriot in it. Sounds like a good week. And if it makes it even radder, I broke down and hit Sonic today and got a huge DP and onion rings, yum!

Carie said...

Yo, I'm reporting for roll call, i'm old, new, and forever a lurker,just to make your day

Janna said...

you are rad

Rebecca Irvine said...

I love water 'n ice ice cream too, but it is so dang expensive. What's up with that?

The vibe over here is different with Patrick gone to scout camp too. It has both its rad and not rad aspects...

Eliza said...

My oldest was at scout camp last week and it was SO quiet around here, I agree totally changes the dynamic. Yeah, I missed him but it was nice to have a calmer week. LOVE Thrifty ice cream, I always get chocolate malted crunch and oreo. What book series were you reading? I could use a good new one.

jayna said...

oh i so miss the thrifty ice cream!! and water and ice... blast from the past. hope you can relax with a little bit of a quieter house. i'm with ya... here's to comments and ice cream!


Jenna said...

I'm a new reader! I'll try to comment often and not lurk/stalk. :)

Jenna said...

Oh yea what book series did you finish?!

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