Friday, July 15, 2011

Gravity ensued and other friday confessions.

So? Friday confessional? RAD? or not rad? weigh in.

I confess...

Whenever I get a notification that I have a new email I am dying to check it. Even when i'm in the middle of posting. (That little envelope is taunting me right now)


I was a little offended when Joy noticed and said 2 things yesterday.

1. " why are you so immodest?"

2. "Why are your boobs so long and hang like that?"

First I was trying to get the last of my shoulder/ chest area tan. There are 2 white spots where my straps cover so I took 'em down. Thus the first comment.

And then without the support of the straps, Gravity ensued.

She's only used to seeing ' the girls ' hitched up where they belong. my suit was covering the goods and the underwire was pretty supportive but without those straps they don't ride as high as usual. (i confess i don't have great boobs, it's just a really great bra)

It was all I could do not to instantly turn around and......

Facebook it.

I resisted

I didn't think all of my 500+ FB friends would appreciate that tidbit.

So I blog it? Heck yes!

Dude, I have to tell someone!

I confess...I'm a Harry Potter nerd.

The kind that goes to midnight movies and book release parties.

The kind that considers dressing up.

Related to people who actually do dress up.

I confess....

Being a weekday single mom the night the last of the last Harry Potter movie came out stinks.

I was dying to go to the midnight show and even take the older 4.

Alas it wasn't meant to be.

With the hubs gone (who is every bit a hp nerd as me) and my mom in Vancouver with my brothers family, there was no way.

Liberty and Peyton got a last minute invite to go with my sister.
(Who dresses up)

She went as Delores Umbridge, from the ministry of magic. (She even had a cat pin)

Her daughter Sadie was a random witch.

My kids took their wands.

I'm not sure yet if they took pics there like (I told them to) but I seriously would have been live blogging it.

I confess... I was wildly jealous and considered going to the drive in to see it at midnight.

I didn't though because...

what if my car battery crapped out?

Me and 5 kids alone could be scary. and unsafe.

I'd have to carry all of the sleeping kids into the house myself afterward.

With dark movies the picture quality at the drive-in bites.

And we are going later today once the hubs gets back from S.F.

I confess...

My kids make me laugh every day.

Check out Pierce's peg leg! That clorox wipe is his pirate bird.

This kid can walk with his feet jammed into 2 cups. 2 peg legs if you will.

Yeah. Crazy.

I didn't take a pic because once he walked into the room I told him to take them off afraid he'd break a leg or fall and bash his face. (See I'm a mother first, blogger second)

I confess...I just don't get people that haven't jumped on the bandwagon yet. Harry Potter or the twilight one.

Give in to the dark side people. It's fabulous here.

let's be real though the Harry Potter movies blow twilight outta the water. seriously it's all about the production budget.

Have a fabulous friday and delightful Harry Potter weekend (or not)


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VandyJ said...

We are going to see Part II next weekend--matinee showing, I think. We have to find a sitter for our two year old, but the eight year old is very excited about going.

Crissybug said...

See with google+ you CAN post it because you can have it go to your closest peeps. I am seriously loving google+ more and more!

tammy said...

I can't stand to let an email go unread either.

We plan on seeing HP, but I want to watch all of them in order with Connor first since he hasn't seen them.

Mamarazzi said...

I am sooo dying laughing over the gravity and immodesty...hilarious!!

then Pierce the pirate...that kid kills me. so funny.

thanks sooooo much for linking up!!

pretty please come and play with me on Wednesday too...i need the support of my friends. and you always kill on the questions. of you need me to link you up cuz you do it by phone i will!! oh and if you want the questions ahead of time let me know!

Susan said...

Friday confessional...RAD as always.

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