Wednesday, July 13, 2011

She's not a baby anymore.

My baby girl turned 7 today.


I die a little inside every time I pass the baby/toddler girls section at the store.

I don't have a baby girl anymore. (I mean really she'll always be my baby girl but still)

It's just not the same shopping in the kid girl section.

At least she still lets me pick her clothes and wears bows.

Hope has had 3 birthday cakes.
(Ok just 2 cakes and a bunch of cupcakes). And she got to blow out candles 3 times.

She's been partying it up.

Dad is in San Francisco this week. And grandma Jones is in Vancouver so we celebrated early on Sunday with dinner and cake and presents. Grandma Joanne came too.

Then today she had a little girl party with her favorite friend Lily and her Cousin Maria . Joy and Liberty and Pierce partied too. Maria's cousin Maggie came too.

We had pizza for lunch and swam and then had cupcakes and Popsicles.

It was super last minute with no real invites , she probably had a couple more people she would have loved to have invited but it was not planned very well.

(It snuck up on me)

Besides i'm overwhelmed this week. I have to limit something or I'd lose it.

Then Hope picked taco bell for dinner and she had yet another cake. (She just blew out the candles and passed on the cake). With just me and the other kids.

After the baby went to bed we went night swimming. Our pool is 92 degrees (warm like bath water).
The kids had the best time.

Hope said this was her BEST BIRTHDAY EVER!!!

7 things about Hope...

1. She's the only blue eyed kid in our family. They are huge and she has long lovely lashes to match.

2. She's a sweetie. She's always been a soft spoken, sweet, little girl. She still loves to sit on my lap or sit right next to me. (Unless you are a sibling and you cross her, she'll call you names and take you down).

3. She's petite. She's the only one that wears clothes true to the suggested age range. At 3 months she wore 3 months size. At a year she wore 12 months. She currently rocks a size 6/7 or smaller. I wish Patriot was more like her, he is wearing 9 months size at 4 months.

4. She's a girly girl. Dresses are her uniform and prefers pink. Purple is ok too. She wears jewelry and likes purses and loves a Mani/pedi .

5. You'd never know by looking at her but she can eat! She's always eating. She loves fruit. Her favorite foods are chicken and rice and lasagna. She always asks for a glass of milk to drink. Her fave beverage is Dr.Pepper.

6. She likes to play computer and this last year has really started to enjoy reading. She's the one that at age 2, used to ask for help getting dora to play on her laptop. She insists on getting her turn on the computer.

7. Hope knows how to work it. She milks it getting her siblings or mom and dad to do things her way. She used to say, " but i'm just a little girl" as an excuse as to why she couldn't or wouldn't do things. She might be getting older but she works it to her advantage that she is the baby girl of the family. The big kids let her have her way often. She's kind of spoiled, but not horribly. Just enough. She seems so young for her age. (Or is that just wishful thinking on my part?)

I hope she had a fabulous day. I think she did. ;)

Dear Hope,

I love you the best. You are my favorite blue eyed baby girl. I hope you had a fabulous birthday and all of your wishes come true. I can't believe you are going to be in 2nd grade this year. you are growing up so fast! Always remember I love you to the moon and back again, to infinity and beyond, forever and for always.


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Jen said...

Love it! Happy Birthday Hope!

Je$$ said...

hope and i like the exact same food. and i love me a nice cold dr pepper!

she's a cutie.

jes said...

what an awesome day and a sweet girl!

Susan said...

What a sweetie. I just love 7 year olds. She is a lucky girl to have a great mom to go out of her way to make her feel so special.

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