Friday, July 8, 2011

kiddie shows and questionable lyrics

Let's see.

I have been watching Big Time Rush ( or BTR for the initiated) more than I'd like to admit.

I sit and watch tween shows every afternoon whether there are kids in the room or not. Today it was the baby and I, and sometimes it's an episode i've already seen.

I've also seen a handful of "My Babysitter is a Vampire". Disney hopped on the supernatural bandwagon after the success of Twilight and True Blood. Their attempt sorta sucks but I keep watching.

Other people watch reality tv and adult shows. I watch Disney channel and Nickelodeon. And Nick Jr.

Oh well. So while I watch kid shows constantly I listen to some questionable music. I have to admit I feel less than stellar when my kids are singing along to lady gaga's latest "S&M" . I take heart in the fact they have no idea what the lyrics mean.

Joy searches for the music videos and is constantly telling me Lady Gaga and Katie Perry have loose morals. And yet the whole family can sing every lyric. From whips and chains to disco sticks.

I think Perhaps I should censor. And yet...I don't. Go ahead and say it...i'm in for trouble someday.

I made the hubs take me out on a thursday night date. I've always thought it was a great date night. He just knows i'll still want to go out friday and Saturday too.

Someday though when our teenagers have plans on the weekend nights we'll just have to make Thursday our regular date night.

Um I have a nephew getting married in the fall. And the hubs niece is getting serious with a guy of marrying age and it looks like she too will be getting hitched.

and it's freaking me out. It might have even sent me into a funk.

It just reminds me that if these kids grew up so fast my kids will too.

The hubs pointed out that if Liberty gets married at the same age I did (19), she could be married in 7 years. Holy crap!

Yeah. You see why I am freaking out irrationally don't you? It really isn't that irrational after all, is it?1

Oh and the thought of back to school is freaking me out too!

I have a month, To enjoy no routine and no homework or taxi service.

A month to get 6 kids ready with school supplies and clothes.(tarjay has a fully stocked school supply section now)

A month until my sidekick goes off to kindergarten and leaves me everyday. I think I might cry. Sniff.

So that's where I am. Watching kids shows, enjoying my kids. Wishing they wouldn't ever grow up.

What's up with you?

Do you censor?

What is your fave kid/tween show?

The pics?

Patriot is 4 months old now (or 17 weeks), he found his feet and rolls over. He manages to turn around. he almost flipped himself out of the swing yesterday and today he got his legs stuck out the bars of the crib. Kid is getting active. But he still likes to nap on my chest. He also smiles and coos and giggles and he loves oatmeal baby cereal, More than rice cereal.

And the other pics are of Pierce, Hope and Peyton holding my nephew Garrett's bird today. They miss having pets. I do not.

p.s. my stomach is peeling. Gross I know, just thought I'd update.

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tammy said...

So you could be a grandma in 8 years! If it makes you feel any better Taylor could be married/going on a mission or to college in 4 years. It freaks me out and makes me depressed to know our kids will be married and grown up that fast too.

I've already bought school supplies. Walmart has had them for a month now, but my Target is slow. I was there on Tuesday and nothing. I've had Connor's list for a couple of weeks.

Kimm said...

I am freaking out that summer is almost over! Frankly this summer went by too fast.

Libby said...

I too watch a lot of Nick and Disney with and without my kids. My house has a strange feeling if one of those channels is not contstantly playing in the background. I also want to freeze time and keep my kids little. :(

Je$$ said...

huh im sure your kids have no clue what gaga even means.

when i was a kid, i remember getting in so much trouble for watching clueless? i was clueless why? well i recently watched the movie after not seeing it since and now i know. but i didn't know half the stuff they said was actually about sex...
and lil kim....we did a dance to a song of hers for drill team. at the time i had no clue what she was talking about but i remember the other girls laughing at some parts.
well i recently downloaded that particular song...gross.

hey as long as you dont inform your little ones of what those words mean..then who cares.
oh and dont let them do a dance to lil kim..the moves we did were clearly not appropriate for 12 year olds.

Charlotte said... then you wont judge me for being in love with wizards of waverly place

tren said...

I DO censor. I feel like part of my job as a parent is to protect my kids (and myself) from Satan's crap. I try to stick to the guidelines in the Entertainment section of For the Strength of Youth.

Disney channel and Nickelodeon are banned channels in our house, but occasionally, we will watch Phineas and Ferb.
I am dreading back-to-school, too! Summer goes too quickly!

Audrey said...

We don't have cable, so I am limited in what my kiddos watch! lucky I know! lol i don't like popular music so my littles listen to what I listen to. sometimes they get more up to date stuff with my husband, but I like stuff I grew up with so that is what they like. lol

sherry said...

It was a great day for me when my 14 yr old asked me what a "manage a trois" was. They turn old enough to understand before you know it! It is so fun to raise teenagers...

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