Wednesday, July 6, 2011

a fabulous 4th

We Had a fun filled 4th.

We invited my mom and little brother over. She made her awesome homemade potato salad.

My sister Maria and her family came over to eat and swim.

And the hubs uncle came to eat.

Later we hit the drive-in for our traditional fireworks and movie. We saw cars 2 .

We caught some of the fireworks show from Tempe Town lake and the mesa country club. But the kids were more interested in the movie. A huge dust storm came rolling through and left us feeling dirty. The kids didn't mind and wanted to stay for the double feature but it was after 11 and the movie hadn't started yet. I just wanted to go home and shower. You can see Pierce had a fabulous 4th and was worn out. (Don't worry I didn't leave him that way for long. I just snapped the pic and then we moved him into the car).

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Je$$ said...

wow! glad your little ones had an awesome fourth.

tammy said...

My neck hurts looking at Pierce. Too funny!

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