Wednesday, August 3, 2011


It's amazing how fast 5 years have gone.

Pierce turned 5 yesterday.

Remember when....Geeze the list is long of posts that starred Pierce.

He was my first blog baby. He was older than Patriot when I started blogging here.

Some readers remember when he was a baby, most witnessed his antics as a toddler.

He's still kind of a little kid but if you asked him, He'd tell you he's all grown up now and a big kid.

He's been called my sidekick, my little devil and the alpha male.

Lately He calls himself "Dragon". (Still)

He's going to kindergarten next week. And our years of lunch dates or going shopping while the big kids are in school are over.

He's moving on to new adventures but i'm sure he'll be more than happy to train his replacement in the ways of a truly fabulous sidekick. He can't wait to teach Patriot all his best tricks and favorite bargaining tactics.

Five things I love about Pierce...

1.He loves to be with me. He still loves to sleep in my bed (when dad's out of town) and sit on my lap or climb all over me. All day. Popularity is never getting to be alone.

2. He still likes to kiss my nose when he comes or goes or sometimes in between. He's a fan of cheeks and lips too. And hugs. He's a loving kid. He says he misses me when he has been gone.

3. He still leads the pack with the big kids. He knows what he wants. He'll tell ya, or just do it himself.

4. He loves his family, they are his best friends. He super loves Patriot there has been no jealousy at all.

5. He's smart. He can figure out anything. He has an awesome vocabulary and he uses my words. Everything is awesome, people are idiots, he calls stuff rad. Last week he said," mom, you're an idiot but I still love you."And he's always telling me I look pretty. He's a sweetie.

He had a fabulous day yesterday , I think {slash} hope.

8 pretty much live facebooked his day. But he got a new ride.

We went for his free birthday dozen @ Kristie Kreme.

We got happy meals and went to see the smurfs movie.

We went to mi amigos and wore the sombrerro.

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Jen said...

Glad he had such a good day!! Dragon is a cutie!

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