Thursday, August 4, 2011

You'll never live that reputation down!

Yesterday in the car I was chatting with Peyton (the oldest) about his Jr. High registration.

Which became a reminder to him about a few other things like.....

"Be nice to the girls, and don't be weird or gross, they will remember and these are the girls you are gonna wanna date."

He'd say something like, but i'm funny weird which is ok.

And I'd say ,

"No! No one should ever feel so comfortable that being weird or gross is ever ok.

Funny -ha ha is fine. Funny- weird is not. "

You don't wanna be the smelly kid, the one who doesn't shower or brush his teeth.

Or the one who picks his arm zits in class, everyone knows , never imagine people can't see you.

You can't be the kid who makes pit fart sounds in public. Don't do it.

Being the gross kid is hard to live down.


Reputations like that are hard to overcome.

Like I remember -

-the kid who ate crayons and chalk in second grade.

-the kid who peed on his chair, in class, in fifth.

-the kid who picked arm zits in 9th grade.

How long ago was that?

Yeah. Never live it down. I won't even friend those people on facebook.

He's going to a school with 7-12th grade kids. With a class size so small that you know everyone in your grade.

If he stays there through high school? He'll end up dating the girls he'll meet this year.

He doesn't wanna be the guy who is mean when he doesn't like a girl. Or mean when he does and doesn't know how to express it.

So he got the hygiene and manners lecture.

Hopefully he retained some of it.

Well I'm off to shell out a pile of money and get a teacher demands list of supplies.

Wish me luck.

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Leslie said...

I have tried to tell Landon these things too!! I think I am more nervous for him then he is.

jayna said...

wow. all the things one needs to think about. you're right, of course. it's hard to live it down. so glad i am not having a student to send to jr high right now...

good luck with your supplies!!

Jen said...

Love it! Start training them now so they know how to treat a girl!

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