Saturday, August 20, 2011

Happy, Confident and FABULOUS!



I'm happy NEON TREES! is coming in 2 weeks.

Happy we are so totally going. I can't wait. The hubs and i are taking the first 4 and the next 2 wanna come but we'll have to see. I mean they know all the songs but like Joy said, "that's like $50 bucks! You could buy a pair of shoes instead of taking them!" Shoes speak to me.

In the car the kids were talking about HOPING to meet the band. Joy said,"what am I going to say to Tyler!?! I think I'll be too nervous to talk." um yeah , I doubt that, Joy can always muster up more than enough to say.

I'm happy my kids love school.

I'm feeling really Happy Liberty is confident. She doesn't feel compelled to follow trends she deems ugly. Happy she doesn't engage in the gossipy girl drama that is so prevalent in school. Happy she realizes the only opinion that matters is hers(and mine). Happy She is mature and can see past right now. I don't know where she gets all this confidence but I wish I would have been half as confident as she is. She impresses me every day.

Happy my friend shared this quote on FB...


Happy Liberty told me the other day that she aspires to be,"JUST LIKE YOU MOM". Holy crap that is high praise from a tween. I'm Happy she isn't embarrassed to claim me.

I was Happy to know Lice don't like hair product. it dawned on me,THAT'S WHY WE'VE NEVER caught LICE BEFORE! So insanely HAPPY I style my kids hair and use product daily. HAPPY HAPPY!

I'm Happy I kick butt, like, ALL WEEK LONG! on time. EARLY! me and 7 kids, solo. I KICK bootay! (I'd totally say @$$ but I'm keeping it fabulous and family friendly.) I know I've mentioned it before but dang I impress even myself. KICK @$$. there family friendly, not so much.

Happy the kids go to bed without a fight these days. even on the weekend. well they tried to put up a fight because it's the weekend but, I hold the power here and will withhold privileges if they don't do what I say. RADNESS!

Wanna know where my Happy place is? Tjmaxx and Marshalls. they both make me insanely happy. if i run away from home , that's where you can find me. The hubs company has the marshalls and tjmaxx distribution centers on his customer list. So when I had to call them one day, just seeing their name made me happy.

Alrighty I found my happy.

what are you happy about?

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Mom of 12 said...

Love Neon Trees! Especially their Baby song. It's better than JB any day. Have fun at the concert!

Mamarazzi said...

you DO kick A$$ seriously i am impressed 7 kids on time. you rock mama!

i love that you are raising confident girls. awesome.

i love tjmaxx and marshalls too...major happy place. i love a good deal, makes my heart pitter patter!

love your list of HAPPY thanks for linking up!!

tren said...

Lice don't like product? I am totally go to use it on all my kids now, because I always worry about them getting it. Thankfully, they've never had it. One girl at their school got it a few years ago. She was in about third grade and her mother SHAVED THE POOR GIRL'S HEAD! How traumatic, huh? I had it twice as a child--got it from day care kids. Ick! I'm going to be itching all evening now just from reading this post and writing this response.

Cynthia said...

I posted about what I'm happy about just today. Life is really good right now. A problem that has plagued me for nearly 5 years with varying degrees on intensity has subsided (I hope for good, but, if not, I finally figured out what to do). My kids are getting older and are lower maintenance in the hardest ways. I have my dream job (except for the pay) and I'm kicking butt at it. Things are great. I'm right there in happy land with you!

jayna said...

happy to hear that you are going to the neon trees. happy to hear lice don't like hair product. happy to hear that your daughter has some fabulous confidence. as for me? i'm happy that one of my meetings was canceled. i'm happy that it's still summer. i'm happy that i can wear a floor length stretchy striped skirt to work and have it feel like work jammies without looking like i just rolled out of bed.


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