Wednesday, August 31, 2011

I feel naked without it.

Cell phone love and we want to know Wednesday!

super fun questions today!

{1}Do you prefer to text or call?

i like a call. texts are fine for a quickie, "i'm on my way" but i more often than not, don't see that i got a text. if you call i answer.

and i super hate long text conversations. seriously? if we are gonna text back and forth for 20 minutes let's cut to it and chat for 5.

stuff gets lost in translation. it's so impersonal and it takes forever.

{2}What is the last text message in your phone and who is it from?

from the hubs " sweet. rock on. picture head banging with my arms in the air, that will be us. yeah baby.

regarding my purchase of neon trees tickets for Saturday.

we are taking the whole herd. minus the baby. it will be awesome!

{3}What are your favorite phone apps?

social networking: facebook. blogger-droid. google +

games: angry birds rio. ant smasher.

other: flixster. i always use it to look up movie show times.

{4}At what age do you think kids are ready for a cell phone?

i told my kids 12. mostly because at the time i thought that was far away. now,(meaning last year) it snuck up really fast and i had to make good on that promise.

it works out well though for after school pick up if i'm running late.

Plus we don't have a house phone so it's safer they have their own phone to call us on when they are babysitting. (instead of leaving one of our phones)

Liberty has already decided she needs a smart phone for her birthday next month. she was sure to specify she needs an internet enabled phone "not some lame one without internet".

umm. yeah. i know i'm in trouble!

but who doesn't love holding the internet in the palm of your hand?! i sure as heck do.

it makes car pool pick up times fly by. i can wait for hours with no issues as long as my battery is charged.

{5}Share a current pic or video taken with your phone.

most of my blog pics are cell phone pics and all of the videos are. classy right? well i lost my camera charger and i always have my cell phone handy i just make it work.

This pic was last week while i was doing my 2 hours of afternoon pick up Wednesday.

I was waiting for my Jr. high kid.

INSANE . i facebooked a pic of 122, but not even 5 minutes later i got a pic of this!

128. and do you love my phone cover?!

anyway. it's Wednesday. hell Wednesday.

I hope your day is delightful and your phone is internet enabled.



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Janna said...

I probably txt to much...

& love your case

jayna said...

was that the TEMPERATURE?!!???

so fun. i'll play.

1. i love text. it's fast and cinchy and i can answer it when i have a minute. phone calls are harder for me cuz i'm in and out of meetings. text is the way to go with me.

2. from my sunday school team teacher: "np i'll find someone. thanks." i can't sub for him when he needs me to.

3. favorite phone apps. hmmm. i'm nerd. i love my flashlight and my dictionary. but my new favorite is songify. try it.

4. i have no idea. aint got any kids, so i don't think it prudent to have an opinion.

and that's it for me!

love the post!

Leslie said...

I prefer to text and I told my kids 12 too, they do not get the option of going on the internet with their phone. They can call and text and if they need to go on the interent they can use the computer where I can see what they are looking at! Landon is the only one so far that has a phone and honestly he doesnt even use it that much. But that is Landon, Layna might be another story!!

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