Thursday, September 8, 2011

Hugging Rock stars

Saturday morning Pierce woke us up at 7:00am saying, "IT'S NEON TREES TODAY!"
sort of like, can we open presents now?

it was better than disneyland or Christmas for my kids, they were so excited.

Everyone's first concert. going to see a band that the WHOLE FAMILY sings along to in the car. (including the hubs and the youngest kids) .

Earlier in the week Pierce had cried that He loved Neon Trees and needed to go too but at 25 bucks a pop taking my 5 year old didn't sound like the best idea. So when tickets went cheaper than I expected (a radio station Promo) I snatched tickets for all 8 of us to go to the show.

Pierce and Hope squealed with delight when they got in the car after school the day I told them they were going too!

Then, when my high school friend Emily facebooked me about meeting the band at a pre-show sound check and meet and greet. Everyone's excitement level went up another notch.

Emily is in the same ward with Emilie and Branden Campbell! He's the bass player in NEON TREES! so Emily called Emilie Campbell and there were calls to Branden and texts back and forth and we were "on the list". Crazymama +7.

when we got there, no one knew what list we were on or where but the radio station guy let us hone in. so it rocked.

well Joy had been begging to go to a Neon Trees concert for over a year and finally they were coming, on a Saturday, to an all ages venue. and we were in!

it was quite the adventure.

so here we go. loads of pictures.

The herd and I

when we walked up to Tyler he recognized me from last year,

"I didn't know you were coming!"

big hug!

YEAH! really.

sometimes it's rad to be memorable.


The whole family! with TYLER GLENN the lead singer of NEON TREES!

notice Joy...THRILLED MUCH?

with Elaine (the drummer)

Joy overheard Elaine say to someone else," let us shake, before we embrace".

it was funny. (Joy keeps repeating it)

When she met Joy she said her name suited her and later Joy was staring intently at her
and Elaine said,
"wow, you are looking really intent, what would you like to talk about?"

High 5 for Pierce
Hugs from Tyler from/for Paxton and Pierce
The herd with Chris (he plays Guitar)

Tyler had more Hugs for Joy and a high 5 for Pierce.

it's blurry but check her out. she went for it!

Here's the herd with Branden. (he plays Bass)
Super nice and he said His kids call him Idad since they Ichat all the time.

I told him I read his wife's blog, and comment as Crazymamaof6,

He said, "OH that's YOU! cool"

It was Riot's 6 month Birthday that day too!

how many 6 month olds get to spend the afternoon talking to Rock stars?

Tyler talked to him

and check it out!
Branden held my baby!

Nerd that I am,

I made shirts for a couple kids. with song lyrics . I was going to do more but ran out of time.

Liberty's said, "kiss me on the lips (picture instead of words) tonight!" and it had Neon Trees on the back. Lyrics from 1983. The whole band signed her shirt. and Tyler said it gave him ideas for shirts to sell. TOTALLY AWESOME!

Joy's shirt said, "Would you ever dance with me like that?! " lyrics from Girls and boys in school

Liberty's shirt lyrics came from this song... the line goes put out your cigarette and Kiss me on the lips tonight

and for those who haven't caught onto my obsession for neon trees previously, here is a song i'm sure you've heard before and just didn't know who sang it. now you know.

here's more pics from the Radio Station that sponsored the meet and greet/sound check party. The guy took loads of Pics of us with Tyler.

i have tons of pics on my phone of the concert and the kids asleep on the floor of the venue about 45 minutes before the show ended. they crashed, it was a long day.

It didn't matter that the band we were there to see were still on stage, or it was totally crazy loud, they laid down in the corner and snoozed.

hilarious. we had to wake them up to walk out to the car.

next time i'm going alone or maybe with the hubs.

Oh and in case you wondered the baby just went to the meet and greet. he stayed with grandma for the concert.

Super huge Thank You to Emilie and Branden Campbell, and Emily Harper Harrison for the hook up.

we ♥ Neon Trees and meeting the band was thrilling for the kids! like super huge, better than Disneyland exciting!

Nicest rock stars EVER! and i'm still giddy about it all days later.

yeah ME! still giddy. and i admit i get a little swoon-y when i see my Fb profile pic of me and Tyler.



when the hubs took the above pic, i accidentally touched Tyler's bare side. (Gasp! and moved my hand)

I mentioned that to the hubs the other day and Joy said, "so you almost touched his pit fur?!"


pit fur. she kills me.

so that was our adventure with hugging rock stars.

I ♥ Neon Trees.

but i think that's obvious.

have a thrilling Thursday!



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Wendy Phelps said...

What an AMAZING experience!!

Audrey said...

How awesome! You are truly a super mom! Your kids will remember this forever!

Rebecca Irvine said...

So cool! I had never heard of this band before, but I am going to play their music for my classes at MCC. Looks like great memories were made!

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