Friday, August 19, 2011

Lice, love and the pursuit of happiness.

It's Friday and time for Friday confessional.


I confess I was glad when the storm rolled in last night, a storm that prevented Me from taking the kids to the PTO pool party.

I confess I was less stoked when the same storm prevented the hubs flight from being able to land. He was re-routed to Ontario,Ca and was not delighted his flight went from 2 hours to 4.5 hours.

I confess having the hubs gone all week wears on me. day one and two are fine but by day 4 I'm over it.

I confess I was slightly embarrassed to have started a stink on my wall on Fb about homework and teachers.

I confess I take homework lightly. I have alot on my plate. and sometimes it's not worth the fight. I will have to now withhold privileges for the child who refused to do her homework this week. Starting next week. I hate that.

I confess I was freaked out the other day, about the girl who rides in my car home from Jr. High. She had lice and was sent home. it was a big discussion on my FB wall, about treatments and it left me feeling itchy. (I bet you just scratched your own head thinking about it now).

I bought upholstery spray that supposedly kills lice. I confess I worry now about Peyton riding in her car in the morning. if one of my kids gets it, EVERYONE will have it. we share brushes, including me. I mean I style everyone's hair with the same brush.

I confess if the hubs was here right now I'd go buy a new brush and not share it with anyone, EVER!

I confess I believe a fresh cut and color is the best therapy out there. Style therapy, hair therapy. LOVE IT! I spent a couple hours with a friend yesterday. it was FABULOUS!

My stylist said Lice don't like colored hair, i don't wanna jinx myself but...I'm hoping it's true and now I wanna color all the kids hair, just to be safe. LOL!

My your flight come in on time and lice stay out of your life.

Happy Friday! ♥ Crazymama!

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insomnia said...

LICE!!!! I am itching now. Thanks.
I had lice at the very ripe age of 35! I made it to age 35 and felt safe, but no! My kindergarden co-sleeper brought it home from the neighbors or school, so we spent Xmas break eradicating the plague from my house and all of our hair!

You had every right to have your skin crawl and freak out.

You also know what true and unconditional love is when your boyfriend/hubs whatever is de licing your curly locks of hair, strand by strand.

LOL, it's funny now...Jill
Happy blogging.

VandyJ said...

I like having the hubs gone for a short while. You are right after the third or fourth day, I'm over it too and just want him back.

Date Girl said...

Ahhh yeah I definitely scratched my head. Ew ew ew hate lice! I hope you guys don't get it.

Miss Angie said...

Ewwww... My little sister got lice when we were little and I had it-it was miserable! YUCK!

I hope none of yours get it.

Are you a teacher? Or just a mother? I am new to the blog and was trying to figure that out from this post. :P

Happy Friday!

dddiva said...

Well thanks, now I am itching the crap outta my head. Hope you don't get it- SPRAY LYSOL you don't need any of that fancy crap spray LYSOL WORKS BEST. (I have a friend who is a school nurse and she told us that's what they tell the parents of kids who get critters.)

Nysha said...

My kids shared lice 2-3 times in their school years. The girls were the hardest hit because they had long hair and we had to go through it strand by strand. I never got it, but I also have always had my own hairbrush that nobody else was allowed to use. Even now, with only one kid at home & he is homeschooled, we don't share hairbrushes.

Mamarazzi said...

lice is the worst. put mousse or gel in the kids hair even if you blow it out the buggers hate hair product. which is why mostly kids get it, clean product free hair.

boo on delayed flights and being a single parent. you are my hero tho. fo shizzle!

thanks for confessing!

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