Tuesday, August 16, 2011

All I'd hoped it could be, and more...

I rocked it this morning.

Up, showered and dressed. Getting 7 kids up dressed fed and out the door with fabulous hair and lunches that didn't include premade PB&J.

The kids were early! To the tune of 35 minutes early on campus like 2 minutes before the earliest time they can be on campus. EARLY!

Which made it really easy to get started on my errands.

I had a couple returns.

One shirt from the Gap still had it's security tag I had to go get removed. I didn't notice it until Pierce went to
put it on the first day of school. LAME. Luckily Old Navy has the same security tags and took care of it for me. CHECK OUT THOSE SHIRTS! Riot needs them.


I saw this one at Target and had to snap a pic and share it with friends.

"this ain't my first rodeo!"

I had a gift card to use.

I hit 4 stores before 10:30 .

I totally ROCKED IT!

And finally I found time to go see the Glee Movie. Loved it.

It was the best day ever.

Riot was amazing and easy going for all of the errands and he LOVED the music and danced and flailed his arms for the movie. (Until I rocked him to sleep).


This is what I was hoping sending all the kids to school would bring.

I'm dating myself.
And loving it.

I finished off my date with a little drive thru visit to my peeps, Sheldon, Gabriel (how's the family?), and the red haired girl with the new baby (we talk baby) .

I left feeling Popular! 

They all had to say hi. Even though they weren't working the window.

I have learned though, that carpool pick up has a delicate balance,
 between too early and too late to get in line.

Best day ever.

Feel free to be jealous.

And sorry if this is all old news via facebook. It is what it is.

Happy days and hot dates with myself

♥ Crazymama!

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Carie said...

Dating yourself? That is the best thing I have ever heard of in my life! I'm going to try it, man I hope I'm a good date, and don't try to make a move too soon! Too bad I'm such a gold digger, I don't think I will tolerate that for very long, so it might be a short lived relationship! I'm just hoping I have things in common with myself, and can enjoy time with me, it will be interesting how it works out! I'll let you know if I end up single, or if it is a match made in heaven!

Jen said...

Awesome post! You rocked it today (as you do many days ;) Where did you see those shirts at?

dddiva said...

Oh I loved reading about your day - now jealous but I wouldn't mind if you sent one my way!

tren said...

I had to laugh when I read that you're dating yourself, because I have totally planned out to date myself on Tuesdays (with my 2 year old along) once the four bigger kids start school. I can't wait!

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