Thursday, November 3, 2011

assorted randoms - rad/not rad.

RaD- Riot is 8 months old today!

not Rad- he crawled up the stairs 2 times in a row on Tuesday night and makes a beeline for them every chance he gets now.

Rad- confessing you had a crush on a boy 20+ years ago and him telling you, he thought you were gorgeous and lots of guys had crushes on you. WHAT? SO RAD.

not rad- figuring he might have been just saying that to be nice.

Rad- going to the 7th graders trunk or treat last week and all of the kids having a fabulous time.

NOT rad- feeling awkward because the siblings of a guy you used to date kept staring at you. having never had a conversation with either of them EVER in your life but seeing them, and they know who you are, it makes it awkward. still. 15 years and 7 kids later.

RAD- have i mention how much my 7th grader loves his school? so i'll leave him there and let the others go there when the time comes even though it's awkward and those people mentioned previously aren't leaving either. it will stop being awkward sometime, someday won't it?

RAD- my 2 twelve year olds going to their first dance for mutual (youth midweek activity) . both of them did awesome. Peyton is Shy and nervous around girls and Liberty is amazingly self confident and cute. they both danced with multiple people.

RAD- the hubs had to be there as Peyton's teacher and HA he took pics and video of them dancing. LOL! love it.

NOT RAD- Peyton called me OCD about getting gussied up to go to the dance. and about my lectures about being nice and people will remember you later for example, the long lost crush and the ex boyfriends family awkwardness .

Rad- Liberty coming home and telling me all about it, excited when i was doing her hair fancy and her make-up and GIRLS are more fun than boys when it comes to this stuff.

RAD- dance party at home with me and the littles. while the hubs and big kids were gone.

Not rad- Pierce using skittles in a tube like a pea shooter and hitting me from across the room every time.

RAD- a friend from High school coming into town this week.

Rad- double bunko week.

not rad- I'm already stressing about my turn to hostess next month for my Friday night group.

rad- i get to shop for it though after Friday. that is always fun.

Rad- it's Thursday already. yay!

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Julie said...

8 months?! Wow!
I so want to live in AZ just so I can be your bunko buddy. That would really be potentially RAD!

AndreaLeigh said...

ugh oh. discovering the stairs is never good!

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