Saturday, December 31, 2011

The last few pics of the year 2011

I got a new sd card for my phone so I'm blogging these last few pics of the year.

In other words it's a photo dump.

after Santa came.....

I know it looks like alot but it really was a low budget Christmas. With this many kids, it is alot.

the skim boards in the back will barely get used but Santa got a smokin' deal on them.

Our annual family pic with Santa at Grandma Jones Christmas party. (before my tree was really decorated)

I only got a couple of the kids with Santa, the rest are on my brothers camera, i'm still waiting for him to either print or email them.

Pierce, age 5.

Patriot, almost 9 months here.


Pierce and all of the other kids got roller blades for Christmas. i swear i put those things on him 20 times this week, and then helped him take them off. he's doing great.

(don't mind the kool aid stain on the carpet)

Jammin' out on the paper jams guitar.


we had a full end of year schedule with Concerts and wax museums.

There's Paxton, in the back, with the black suit and his tuba. He's in 5th grade.

and Liberty, she had a solo, she played , Frosty the Snowman, on her flute. Liberty is in 6th grade.


Patriot's first Shiner. he flipped out of Liberty's arms, and fell and got a big goose egg, it drained into his eye making a sweet shiner.


My thrown together Betsy Ross costume for the 6th grade wax museum. (who plans these things for the end of the semester at Christmas?)

her friend was Betsy Ross too, ours was more authentic Colonial while hers was costume-y from a website , her costume had a flag printed skirt. apparently her mother got the memo though in enough time to order ahead.

I only had to buy our shirt. the apron and mobcap were borrowed from my friend, the shawl was my mom's tablecloth, and the skirt was a broomstick one of mine we cinched super tight. and the flag was my 4th of july bunting. she crafted her own needle out of tinfoil.

While it was hectic and Crazy and stressful it all turned out ok. There is always a whirlwind of things to do and places to be at the end of the year. I've been resting up and hopefully I'm geared up by the end of the break to do it all again.

Next year I'm planning better.

I think I'll make Paxton Commit to his wax museum subject in the summer, and whip that costume up then, and i think I'll start making pieces that can be thrown together in an instant for the last minute stuff.

it will all be covered with my word of the year. ;)

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Mamarazzi said...

i love love love love your tree and the colors...FABULOUS!!

the kids are all adorable and that shiner is it bad that i think it is cute? ever kid has their first shiner, it is something to be admired, in my opinion. maybe i am too laid back, kids get hurt, life goes on.

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