Tuesday, January 3, 2012

10 month old toilet splasher and lamenting the daily grind

guess who is 10 months today?!

last week, he weighed in at 22 lbs. (he had yet another ear infection, #3)

he crawls speedy fast,

he likes to hang out in the bathroom every chance he gets and splash in the toilet if no one closes the door or puts the lid down.

The most common thing said in the house these days is," close the bathroom doors!" he doesn't even stick with the main floor bathroom, he goes upstairs to the hall and master bathrooms.

he also has mastered going down the stairs finally. and he can stand for up to a minute holding onto nothing.

little turkey thinks he's a big kid.

he's become attached to dad in the last month, and it's going to be hard when he leaves out of town now for work.

tomorrow we get back in the saddle again.

the kids go back to school, the hubs is back to travelling, i'm back to kicking @$$.

i mean, flying solo as a semi single mom. rocking this gig.

i confess i'm a tad intimidated.

the hubs has been home for over a month, we are out of practice with the morning rush,

and yet i'm stoked for a little free time, combined with being the ULTIMATE POWER, we need some structure and early bedtimes are gonna be rad too.

and tomorrow is gonna suck i'm afraid.

this morning , everyone slept in until after 9, except for me (who was up at 7), Hope who is always an early riser, and Patriot. The teenager and the hubs are still sleeping. '

I'd better make sure we have lunch stuff on hand, and lunch money ready to hand out.

i need to make sure uniforms are washed, shoes and socks are found, and outfits laid out.

back to the grind.

making it fabulous. one day at a time.

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Jen said...

LOL I had to look at what time this was posted to see how "late" they slept in to. We have been lucky with sleeping in to 8 for me and the twins every day the past week, it will suck tomorrow! We are getting ready tonight though, showers are mandatory, back packs packed, clothes laid out and hopefully an early bedtime (meds if necessary!) and then I can relax! I am sooo ready for them to be back at school! Wish it wasn't early release tomorrow, blah!

Mamarazzi said...

you can do it! i have total faith!!

Riot is freaking adorable, seriously even tho he is a toilet splasher, adorbs!

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