Wednesday, January 4, 2012

What i love about blogging and assorted randoms-WTTKW

This week Mamarazzi is asking the questions and she was just curious about a few randoms out there we go in case you wanna copy and play along (that's the idea you know)

the Questions...

{1} What do you love about blogging?
{2} What is your favorite scent of candle/air freshener?
{3} How would you describe your style?
{4} What are 3 things your dream home would have that your current home doesn't have?
{5} Do you look at your keyboard when you type?

My answers....

{1} What do you love about blogging?

i used to love love the interaction with my blog friends, the comments, the feeling of getting validated and having a little adult interaction while still doing my thing at home with no one but littles. it was FABULOUS for me. i needed the love and support.

that being said, since my comments are always under 10 on link days and nonexistent on other posts, i'd say it's the journal factor that floats my boat these days. i love to go back and read my old posts, to see where i was, what we were doing and just love seeing old pics of my babies who are now all on the verge of the wretched teen years. they've grown up on this blog (for the last 5 years anyway).

i went back last week and read the whole year over. loved it.

{2} What is your favorite scent of candle/air freshener?

it totally depends on the time of year.

in the fall it's pumpkin or spicy.

in the summer it's fruity.

In the spring i love one that smells like orange blossoms. HEAVENLY.

what really floats my boat is one that smells like mens cologne, or

I'm always a fan of fresh linen.

{3} How would you describe your style?


really, not sure if she's asking decorating style? or fashion/personal style? but i'm thinking she means decorating style since she's house hunting and redecorating soon.

if it's fuchsia, black , blingy or glittery, i ♥ it.

i like my furniture shabby chic white,

or black.

or antique. french, baroque,

rolled arms, , turned legs, tufted. (the ottoman that matches this was tufted)

it's black and white with a little pink thrown in.

i {heart} black and white damask, and houndstooth.

{4} What are 3 things your dream home would have that your current home doesn't have?

i must refer to pinterest on this...just so you know what I'm talking about.

a giant glorious laundry room. not necessarily in these colors (see above colors)
but i wouldn't be picky. just look at those counters!

this amazing kids bed- (again not in these colors) but the style of beds in both the boys room and the girls. i would so do this, like a dorm. ♥ it.


the master bedroom on the main floor.

in a house that is North/south facing , with 5 bedrooms, a loft and a basement, a pool, a big kitchen and a front sitting room that ideally no one would hang out in so it would stay spotless for company.

{5} Do you look at your keyboard when you type?

yes. i never took typing, and since i usually type on my phone i always have to look . EXCEPT, i just typed this whole thing on a real keyboard and barely looked at the keyboard, so apparently i look less than i thought i did.

well, now i'm dreaming of a million dollar decorating budget and a new shiny house, clutter free and of course, FABULOUS!

so play along....grab the button. link up.


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Nadine Hightower said...

I've started only blogging on linkup days. People say they follow but they don't comment. And I'm just too fabulous to be overlooked... I really am!
No. Really!

I love the bunkbed idea!

VandyJ said...

My scent choices depend on the time of year too.
I love that laundry room. I'd have to add a TV because I hate folding and have to have the distraction.

Jolene said...

I must say... I LOVE YOUR STYLE. The kids room... WOW!!! and the Laundry Room to die for. I agree with the color of it though.

tammy said...

That laundry room is to die for. I would so love one like that. I've always liked those kids' beds too. I only have two, but it would be perfect for sleepovers and guests.

Becca said...

I love that laundry room, but dang it would make a neat set up for a kitchen too! And a pink desk? Now you are speaking my language! I have lots of pink in my life from my ipad cover to my sneakers to a lot of my clothes..and sometimes my face gets really pink too, when I am flustered and that happens way too often!

Angel said...

I LOVE damask! and That laundry room is amazing! I might even enjoy laundry in it

Mamarazzi said...

love love love your decorating style. but i am not surprised, you have FABULOUS taste!

that bunk bed wall is amazeballs! i would love that!

i love hot pink and black and white, but you totally know that!

Adie said...

Oooh someone who just LOVES the way pink, black and white go together so perfectly. Its beautiful isn't it?

I enjoy that on a blog too, being able to read something you wrote two years ago on the same day and reminisce on where your life has taken you!

Have a great week!!!

(stopped by from Mamarazzi)

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