Monday, January 30, 2012

crafting accomplished.

I have a horrible habit of going to the craft store for supplies and never actually finishing my projects.

I haven't truly crafted in over a year.

I consider myself crafty-fabulous but life gets in the way.  You can't very well craft while holding a baby, while using a glue gun. I couldn't glitter anything. And the only project I had time for in the last year was my christmas table/stand redo. And I failed to blog it.

Oh well, no one noticed the lack did they?

I didn't think so.

Anyway,  today I hit hobby lobby.

I bought some red deco mesh, an ivy garland and whipped up a valentine garland for over my door.

I added a deco mesh bow to my old Be Mine glitter sign and to the new forever cupcake and that was it! Easy peasy valentiney door decorations!

I had the heart picks from the dollar store (a few years ago) and added those to the garland and to the front door topiary thing. I need to dig up more of the picks.

Anyway. crafting accomplished.

Have a fabulous day, I hope it glitters for you!

Hugs, Crazymama!

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Mamarazzi said...


funny story about those heart picks. Last week i noticed that my sister Amy STILL had her Christmas wreaths up still..FOUR of them, on the front of her house...soooo i went to the dollar store and tucked those little heart picks in all of them.

it took her 5 days to notice. FIVE days...killed me.

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