Wednesday, February 8, 2012

crooked cleavage, mustache pics, and we want to know wednesday random delights.

It's we want to know wednesday and Mamarazzi Mustache (must ask) you a few questions. Link up with mamarazzi, me or Queso. it's a good time. if you are new here, thanks for stopping by!

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play along they are randomly delightful. my fave is # 5 for obvious reasons.

{1} What is for dinner tonight (bonus for sharing the recipe)?
{2} Share something you are currently looking forward to.
{3} What are your thoughts on re-gifting?
{4} How often do you rearrange your furniture?
{5} Share a picture from your cellphone or camera.

{1} What is for dinner tonight?!
probably leftover buffet. or pizza. because i'm awesome and never plan ahead.

{2} Share something you are currently looking forward to.

we are planning on taking a road trip this summer across the country, to OHIO. where the hubs company is based, they want to meet the family, the hubs will be working and the herd and I will be on vacation.

when it says looking "forward to", insert dreading. I am pretty sure this trip will be lots more work that sitting around in the pool all summer while the hubs travels. really it will be an adventure. one the kids will never forget. I'm just scared to ride in our car across country with so much togetherness. there will be sights to see, adventures to be had, memories made, but it doesn't just happen, there is planning and work for the mama to do. i better start loading up on happy pills well in advance so i can maybe have enough sanity to make it.

i really am looking forward to maybe a smaller scale road trip to visit mamarazzi. at some point, gotta iron out the plans on that. her schedule is swamped and i'm still unsure of when i can work it in. but it will for sure be fun.

so much to plan for.

{3} What are your thoughts on re-gifting? I don't do it often, but i'm all about someone re-gifting something to me. especially if they are giving me something cool that they genuinely think i would enjoy vs. something that sucks that they just don't want. if people re-gift things i give, and i have no idea that they did, i'm cool with it. (i don't think it happens often). or does it?

{4} How often do you rearrange your furniture? almost never. i rearranged to put the Christmas tree up and hostess huge parties, but usually it kind of stays the same. i used to love to rearrange my room as a kid.

{5} Share a picture (or 4. ) from your cellphone or camera.

this was from yesterday and i thought it was freaking hilarious. first off my hair is retarded looking and then, notice my boob. freaking made me laugh for a good long time, i cropped it out and then, it made me laugh so much i had to share it. apparently i was standing too close? crooked cleavage. yes. i find it HILARIOUS!

are you wondering who the heck the guy is? he's my blog friend i finally got to meet in real life.

we've been friends for a few years on the blog and on fb.

my friend Lauri is his friend too so we all got together this week while he was here for work. i thought it was awkward but fun.
and the pics of the Baby and Pierce in the mustaches were test shots for Valentines i'm making for Pierce. i only have to cut out a million more. but i think they are delightful. the baby was less thrilled even though i thought it was HILARIOUS and i cackled the whole time i made him wear it and tried to wrangle him to take a picture with it on.

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Anonymous said...

I feel your pain on the road trip. This coming Christmas, we'll be driving from N. Florida all the way to Chicago to visit my brother-in-law. My kids will be 5.5 and 2.5. I dread it!

~she~ said...

What I want to know is why you have your boob pushed up against some guy you just met? Is there a story there???? Ha ha...totally kidding!

I love that you have more kids than me. Sorry about that fact that you have to go to Ohio. Take a book, there's not much there. Hopefully it's Columbus, which isn't too bad.

VandyJ said...

Road trips are doable, but with your bunch, there's lots of planning involved. I think road trips are easier in some ways now than when I was a kid--there's so much more portable entertainment.

K Lind said...

I like the picture and I love the story! Enjoy your summer! Just bring lots of snacks and lots of activities! The best investment I ever made was a DVD player for the car. It has been a lifesaver!

Helene said...

Okay, so I'll be dying to know how your road trip turns out because...get this....I once told my husband how cool I thought it would be RV cross the country in a few more years when our kids are a little older. Like during the summer so they can see all the places they've learned about in school. He laughed hysterically at me.

I totally noticed your crooked boob before you even mentioned it. Does that make me a perv?

A Randomlicious Blog for the Soul said...

I live in Ohio, there is actually quite a few things to do with the kids if you have the time. There's a few parks and the zoo is one of the best. FYI.

I agree with the re-gifting as long as it isn't anything crappy or thoughtless.

Love the mustache pictures! :)

nichole quigley said...

great post! i'm a new follower =) The mustaches are so cute!

Mamarazzi said...

your boobs are still hot even with crooked

i will make time for you, come see me.

LOVE the mustache pics, adorable!

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