Thursday, February 9, 2012

I lost my mustache - friday confessional

Yesterday I finally got down to it and made the mustaches for Pierce's Valentines.

I traced one over and over onto the waxy adhesive backing of the self stick felt in blue sharpie.

while I was cutting the 35 mustaches the blue smeared all over my hands, kinda ruined my manicure and eventually smudged all over my face.

I had some blue residue on my lip where I tried on every one, (showing the hubs my mad mustache cutting skills.) My forehead, chin, cheeks. Best part is...i didn't wash it off, I covered it up with make-up on the way to my hair appointment.

Then while I was there at my hair appointment I was chatting with the other lady after me, and I looked down and saw a piece of felt stuck to my shoe, I thought it was a scrap,  nope it was my curly mustache I'd accused one of the kids of stealing my curly magician mustache. And then I had to explain why I had a mustache. And here I was waiting to get mine waxed. Best part was the sticky sound when I walked.

When I got out of the shower and cleaned my ears tonight, I discovered I scratched inside my ear without remembering. It was when I was cutting the mustaches because, The q-tip was blue. Awesome.

Link up with mamarazzi too. It's fun.

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Mamarazzi said...

hilarious. i especially love that you didn't try washing it off you just covered it! you kill me!!

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