Saturday, February 4, 2012

i may live vicariously for the next while. Rad/not rad.

Rad? WINNING! yeah. winning anything. free stuff. prizes. awesomeness.

not rad? luggage in the living room.

rad. the hubs is home.

not rad? logging into my blog stats after months of not looking and noticing i had the same number of hits in a month, that i used to get in a day. not even a great day. sad. pathetic. denial is best.

rad? liberty and peyton have a dance tonight. with other 12 and 13 year olds.

not rad? no one knows the details, like when , where, what time and what to wear. lame. i told her to text someone who knows.

not rad? the hubs probably has to go help chaperone and that leaves me with no date and no sitters. gay.

not rad? i need a date. i need a break and i need my babysitters. and since i had bunko last night, tonight was supposed to be date night. it might not happen. sigh.

rad? having them go to dance like this, i get a little delight in dressing Liberty cute, doing her hair and hearing all about who she danced with and torturing them with questions like...did he grab your butt? or did you ask for her number? yeah, it freaks them out and makes me giggle. it doesn't take much.

i loved going to dances when i was a teenager. LOVED THEM. i may live vicariously for the next while.

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Mamarazzi said...

it was fun getting J ready for her first i totally get that.

i love when you do Rad/Not Rad

like, a lot!

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