Friday, February 3, 2012

confessions of a divalicious mama

I confess diamonds really are a girls best friend.

I say this because this week I won a pair of diamond earrings. For free in a fb contest I entered the day before the contest ended.

I confess as much as love them, I might have felt a few seconds of guilt. I could have won anything in the store but thought hey, I want something expensive (the price limit was $3000) . The most expensive TV was only $800 and besides, no one is buying me diamonds, we would however, get new tvs as needed.

I confess the tv in the loft is not a flat screen. Neither is the one in my bedroom. They work, they have cable, we don't need flat screens. I do need diamonds.

I confess...i'm surprised how many friends said I deserved to win the earrings. Feeling the love.

I confess I might have asked how much they would get me if I turned around and pawned them? Only 300 to 500 bucks. Never gonna happen. Who would do that? Although, that's how these earrings came to be @ the store.

I confess as magical as winning made my week it didn't combat the frustration of dealing with 3 girls screaming and crying and fighting with eachother, a boy bawling about the girls calling him names and maybe exchanging punches, and waking up a tired baby. Seriously, nothing is magical enough to combat that.

Maybe xanax? Valium? Darn it I don't have any of those. :(

i confess chocolate and project runway allstars did boost my mood once the crying and chaos died down.

I confess it was like pulling teeth to get 35 friends to vote for me on fb. Everyone thinks I have so many friends it should be super easy to win a contest, that is not the case.

You know who was the most free with the votes? My blog friends. Thanks guys! You made this divalicious mama happy! And brightened my whole week.

i am linking up with mamarazzi and her friday confessional, you can too.


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Jen said...

Congrats again, they are georgous!! And you do deserve it! That is what winning something is about, something for YOU that you wouldn't get otherwise. I am saving PR Allstars for naptime ;)!

VandyJ said...

Those are awesome! Diamonds are always friendly.

One Fantastic Housewife! said...

Now that is a great win! Enjoy those diamonds!

A Randomlicious Blog for the Soul said...

Wow! How exciting! I never win anything....that's so awesome you got some Diamond earrings!! I love it!
Have a great weekend

sarita edgerton said...

How beautiful! Hopping over from Mamarazzi! And I would have totally voted for you, if I had known!

Hulk Granny said...

Congrats again on the earrings. Funny you asked how much they would be worth if you sold them ;) Bummer I missed PR allstars. I am a PR die hard.

Lori Thompson said...

AWESOME win sassy lady!

Mamarazzi said...

i am THRILLED that you won those earrings. i had no internet that day and could not vote via my phone, so knowing you won even without my vote is awesome.

i totally get why you chose the diamonds...FABULOUS!!

thanks for linking up my friend, love your confessions!

jayna said...

where have i been??? (i have a hard time getting on facebook). congrats on the earrings!!! i love them. and i agree with everyone else. you do deserve them.


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