Wednesday, February 15, 2012

We kissed on the lips so we are married. WWTKW

It's love week and we want to know all about your Valentines day.

your gifts, your childhood and your traditions. link up and share the delights!
with Me, Mamarazzi, and Queso.

Mamarazzi asked the questions and i thought they were extra delightful.

{1} How was your Valentine's Day?
{2} What is your favorite flower? Did your honey get them for you?
{3} Was Valentine's Day a big deal when you were a kid?
{4} Did you put up any Valentine's Day decorations? (bonus points for a picture)
{5} Do you have any Valentine's Day traditions?

{1} How was your Valentine's Day?

Fabulous! sure the hubs was out of town but i make my own Fabulous. I figure i might as well dress up cute just for me. make a fun meal for the kids and I , and have a fabulous day. i could have pouted and wallowed but decided going into it, I would make it Fabulous.

i had a lunch date with my mom and the baby, i helped in the 4th graders classroom for her party, after school i baked fresh delicious from scratch sugar cookies, we had an exciting heart shaped pizza for dinner. there was talk of a sing off, and my 5 year old valentine told me, "you are my valentine mom, i want to kiss you on the lips!" and later said ,"kissing on the lips means we are married."
it doesn't get better than that! that was after he pumped my gas for me.

of course since we were "married" and Valentines, that meant he could have a slush at sonic, and go into the store with me. tricky cute kid.

{2} What is your favorite flower? Did your honey get them for you? My favorite flower is a fuchsia Gerbera Daisy. i didn't get them, the hubs is out of town but i got roses from the hubs by way of the neighbor, he called and asked him to help surprise me. with flowers and chocolate. fun surprise.

{3} Was Valentine's Day a big deal when you were a kid?
it was. i love Valentines day, always have.

i used to sort out the conversation hearts that i wanted to tell someone something special and put them in their cards. and the cards had to be extra fabulous for certain people.

my mom always made it special. one year in 5th or 6th grade she bought big heart shaped balloons on a stick and that was what i gave to each of my classmates.

and it was the one holiday my dad ever did anything for, he'd give all of the girls a heart necklace or heart watch or one year one of those glass swan vases with colored water in it and flowers. FANCY STUFF. but thoughtful.

{4} Did you put up any Valentine's Day decorations?

i do, i totally decorate for Valentines day. i blogged about my front entry decorations here.
there is other stuff scattered throughout the house.
this is my favorite new thing...

i have the fabric framed all the time but i just added a little straight pin and hung this glitter heart in the middle. super easy and i super love it.

{5} Do you have any Valentine's Day traditions?

I make the hubs take me on a date, when the kids were little it was one of the few dates a year i got. now we go out often so we do the real day with the kids and the valentines date the weekend before (and after if i can work it).

We have had Heart shaped Pizza for a few years now. the kids always get something from us, this year was giant pop rock covered suckers that said "You Rock" . if i'm smart i buy stuffed animals on clearance and give them out next year.

I like a new outfit or shirt for everyone. this year i didn't pull that one off but everyone wore red or pink today. I like everyone to look festive.


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Mamarazzi said...

i love how you MADE it FABULOUS!!

i really admire that about you.

love the traditions, you are such a fun mama for making the choice to do fun things for your kids.

VandyJ said...

Your front door looks cool!

~she~ said...

I would really like to see this heart-shaped pizza!!! From scratch???

Another BloggerMom said...

sounds like you had a great v-day even w/out the hubs!! LOVE the decorations! I so miss my front entryway! I used to decorate for EVERY holiday...since we moved I still have to find the RIGHT spot to do that at!

A Randomlicious Blog for the Soul said...

Of course you should make the most of Valentines! I did too..even with my hubs gone most the day.
I'm so impressed by your dad's gifts to you guys! But how sweet and what treasures for you to remember forever. That's really sweet!
Glad you had a great v-day!

Megan Harmeyer said...

Mmmm! Heart-shaped pizza. I want some now. LOL Your little one is too cute. ALWAYS make time for a Valentine's date. Always.

Happy hearts!!

The Glenns said...

How is life with 7? It's been awhile since I visited here. I hope someday to get back to wanting to bring in large and thoughtful Valentines. I bought 4 bags of candy and the kids passed them out, no card or anything. We completely forgot the preschool Valentines, which is overly embarrassing...except the preschooler didn't care a bit that he only "received" and had nothing to give. Next year I might get into trouble for a stunt like that. Haha....what a day!

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