Friday, February 10, 2012

friday confessional part 2

I confess...I think it's weird that so many people notice my manicure. It's white with black lettering on it like a love letter.

Random strangers, old men, every cashier or receptionist i've seen this week, friends, family. Yeah. It's cute but I didn't think it was that amazing.

And then...I must confess I have to tell almost everyone (read: every lady, woman and girl) they are Sally Hansen nail polish strips. Just apply and go. Amazing nails for over a week. It says 10 days but my nails grow fast and I am a picker and can't resist peeling them when they've grown out too much.

I confess...I told Pierce (age 5) it was the zombie apocalypse so he'd wake up on Wednesday. Later he asked "what day is it?" I said," it's Wednesday." And he said," no that other thing you told me." And then I had to admit I was just kidding.

I confess...I amazes me I have 3 kids over 5 feet tall now. Liberty is 5'5" at age 12. Peyton is 5' 3.5" at 13 and Paxton is 5' 1.5" at age 11. They are all growing up too fast.

I confess i've paid $100 in co-pays in the last week. Sick kids, maintainence meds appointments. The co pays for prescriptions is well over $100 too, closer to 200. Yikes. I'm just glad we have insurance.

I confess I was pretty proud of myself when I rescued myself when my car didn't have enough gas to start the other day. I called the hubs for help but came to my own rescue, with a gas can and a gallon of gas and then forgot to call and tell him I took care of it and I was good to go.

I confess it's a little hot here lately. High 70's . Seriously what happened to six more weeks of winter? I don't want to have to run the A/C yet.

I confess i'm stoked about picking up my girl scout cookies today.

If you live in The valley, they will be available at aj's fine foods outside @ dana park from 4-8 today and 12-4 tomorrow (Saturday 2/11).

What is your fave kind of girl scout cookies?  I bought thin mints, samoas and tagalongs (peanut butter and chocolate)

I confess tonight is my valentines date. The hubs will be out of town on the real day. Good thing I have 7 little valentines to celebrate with. I love valentines day! I might have said I expect a thoughtful card and a nice gift. I'm pretty sure i'll be getting neither of them. 

I confess I want to be, "that mom" that hands out huge ridiculous valentines to my kids classes. Including candy. The teachers and parents might hate me.

Ah yeah. Happy friday, may your date be delightful and your car start on command. Be your own Hero and have a fabulous weekend!

Hugs, Crazymama!

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Mamarazzi said...

love that you saved yourself. i am totally that mom too...i just need the kids now. i sent a fabulous package to my nieces and nephew and i made some fun treats for the kids who live here...i love Valentine's Day.

i love thin mints but i also really like the lemonades too. thin mints freeze best tho.

i need to try the sally hansen strips...sounds fabulous, i am horrible at painting, but i am a picker too...

i linked up both of your confessions. i know you didn't cuz you can't add the button from your phone. but you are excused because you share your computer with 7 kids..and because i love ya!

tammy said...

I confess I'm kind of glad Connor said his class isn't doing Valentines this year.

I confess I went and picked up some of those strips yesterday, but then forgot about them. They're still in my purse.

Cynthia said...

I confess that I am totally relieved that my twins don't have to do the v-day cards at school this year and so I only have to buy one set. I'll still send treats though!

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