Friday, March 16, 2012

spring break friday delights.

todays delight involved Patriot (#7) having surgery. He had tubes put in his ears.

this is one of the things i'm a pro at. i've done this or some version (tubes+ tonsils or adenoids) 11 times now between all of my kids.

apparently we breed kids with chronic ear infections (and ADHD.) After months of chronic ear infections and multiple rounds of antibiotics we scheduled surgery as soon as possible. it worked out well landing on spring break. with nowhere for the other kids to be.

so this morning we left the house at 5:30, 6:00 check in. (we took the pic while we waited) 7am surgery. surgery took 5 minutes, a few minutes in post op before they brought him to me in recovery. another 15 minutes there and we left and were in the car on our way home by 7:30. we had to wait a few minutes outside the pharmacy for it to open to drop off his prescription for ear drops, we hit the donut shop and got home before 8:30.

this morning afterward he's been slightly more fussy and tired. he's napping now. but this will make for a happier healthier baby in the long run. hallelujah.

it will be a low key day for Riot and I . the kids want to go do something fun and are trying to wrangle dad into taking them to Pump it up, again.

there are always exciting things like laundry and dishes to do. or maybe i'll just hold the baby.

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Anonymous said...

My cousin had to get tubes put in his ears, but I never fully understood why.

I'm glad that he did so well and everything went great!

Mamarazzi said...

i keep trying to talk my sister Meg into doing tubes for her kids. they suffer through at least 5 ear infections yearly. that's a LOT of antibiotics!

tren said...

My daughter was supposed to have her tonsils and adenoids out the day after Christmas, but she got sick the night before so we had to cancel. I've been dragging my feet rescheduling, because I'm just nervous about it.

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