Friday, March 16, 2012

spring break thursday...lunch date and the movies.

we scheduled a lunch date with some of my friends, at barro's. i love barro's pizza. the boys love wings. so we went. 12 kids, 4 moms.

the kids wasted quarters in the candy machine. they played with the baby toys there and when they were done eating. they were done being pleasant and ready to go home.

i should clarify the big boys were done. the little kids were happy to hang out and play.

i gave in to their annoying behavior and left first. they won't be invited to come again.

later we arranged with grandma jones to watch the baby while everyone else went to the movies.

i say movies because I took 3 kids to the Lorax, while the hubs took 3 to John Carter.

while i'm glad not all of them have evolved past seeing the cartoon movie, and i almost panicked when for a moment i'd thought they had. i wanted to see John Carter too.

The Lorax was cute but i honestly  hate movies with underlying political or environmental messages. especially kid movies. give me a freaking fairy tale and i'm happy. don't brainwash my kids.

they loved it anyway. the kids and hubs loved John Carter. and i was totally fried after the car ride. they are especially loud and bickery when everyone is in the car.

i escaped later and hit the store for exciting items like milk and bread and pj's for the baby to wear to surgery. you can read all about that in my next post.

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Mamarazzi said...

i loved the Lorax and was not that impressed with John Carter. i do agree with you on the whole granola attempt at brainwashing via the lorax...but i still loved it.

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