Tuesday, May 15, 2012

You've got a friend in me...WWTKW



I realized last week I have amazing friends so I'm wondering about yours. We want to know about your friends. tell us about them, name names or don't, link up if they have a blog.

{1}I have found myself jealous/envious of this friend because...
{2}I admire this one for her _________ (insert admirable quality) and tell us about them.
{3}I really love this blog friend because...
{4}I was stuck on a desert island I would want to be with this friend...
{5}I think the best qualities in a friend are...

I have found myself coveting /jealous of this friend because....

my friend Cara. her blog is fabulous, her house is darling, she's pretty darn amazing and inspiring and i love her. 

my friend Jayna. her life is so different from mine, she's beautiful and talented and amazing and she's got a fabulous wardrobe and career. she's an interior designer.she's well traveled and so fun to be with. love her. 

I admire this one for her ____amazing parenting skills

She's a mom to 9 kids, 8 are officially hers,all adopted from foster care.  

she's amazing. her house is gorgeous and she runs a tight ship. 

She's a photographer and her family pics look like a united colors of Benetton ad. freaking adorable. 

She's got the patience of a saint and her life looks pretty darn fabulous from where i sit sometimes. 

I know she has her own struggles but i admire her faith, her patience and her parenting skills. she is amazing. 

I  really love this blog friend because..... Mamarazzi because she is super fabulous and nice. she let's me co-host this link party with her even though none of my blog friends blog or link up anymore. 

I have another one, that is writing a novel and she's letting me be a reader/help edit it,  before she's even done with it. she's fabulous and i think she's awesome.

both are friends i've never met in real life. both i love.

If I was stuck on a desert island I'd want to be with these friends.....

my real life fave friends Jenny and Lindsey. they are my ladies. 

or my friend Jessica. she's been my friend for what feels like forever. 

I think the best qualities in a friend are.... fun to be with, happy,  tell good stories, i can trust them. if they love to laugh, with me, not at me. not perfect, not a one upper, honest. 

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