Monday, May 14, 2012

Mothers day delight 2012

last week I was reading my archives about mother's day's past. There were plenty of posts lamenting the holiday.

For years  I've referred to it as OMF day. or oldest matriarch in the family day. I posted wish lists. blitched about how it actually turned out. Believe me,  there was plenty of blitching (that's blog bitching for the newbies here).

So when this year it was hardly mentioned. I myself even wondered how I was suddenly zen about the holiday?! what was different about it?

Well, it took me a few days to figure it out, BUT I realized mid afternoon on mother's day the difference this year is the breakfast of champions. Prozac. I've been medicated and motivated for a few weeks now. Apparently I've been extra pleasant.

That and the knowledge that I pretty much buy myself whatever I want lately.

The week before mothers day the Hubs offered me a new Coach purse. yeah, he finally told me to go pick one. Of course he was thinking I'd be getting a $300 one. Then, when I actually looked at what there is to offer, I was loving the $600 ones. but I'd already told him, I probably wouldn't get one, just that I'd start shopping and if I found something I wanted I'd get it.

I bought nothing. I was OK with it.

 That never happens!

I'm sure the hubs is wondering ,"who is this lady? Where is my wife,  was she abducted by aliens?"  perhaps.

So while I received no store bought gifts, I did however get breakfast in bed. I didn't change any diapers all weekend. Friday I went for a pedicure and Sunday I didn't leave my room until 3 pm. we didn't go to church because I hate getting everyone ready on mothers day and I wanted to just laze about and nap and enjoy my day of not doing anything.

The kids bestowed an assortment of hand crafted delights in the form of cards, flowers and pins. surveys and pictures were included and I loved them all.

in the evening we ventured over to my sisters to celebrate and have dinner with my mom and some of my siblings. it was delightful.

Sunday night The hubs helped the teenager with his history report because it was mothers day, which was awesome because sometimes that is my job to assist with. but I totally didn't have to help at all.  WHOOHOOO! (ok so Monday morning i might have had to whip up the poster, the holiday was over after all).

it was low key, i was happy. that is so unlike me.

I wasn't completely selfish this weekend though, I spent the afternoon Saturday taking The Eldest to a reptile sanctuary for his 7th grade science field trip which was really cool but it was 100 degrees that day and we were outside for the afternoon in the heat. my sparkly flats got dirty too. you might say, who wears sparkly flats to a dirty dusty hot reptile sanctuary? yeah, i do.

and Sunday my mothers day shower included the baby. because he needed 4 baths on Sunday. he's reached the dirty stage rather quickly. so needless to say, it was less relaxing and shorter than you would have expected a mothers day shower to be. I just had to laugh as I told the hubs, happy mothers day to me, when the baby helped himself into my shower.

Delight?  yup.  great happy pills make for a good mother's day.

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Anonymous said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful Mother's Day :) It's always great in my book when nothing goes wrong haha! Happy pills make a happy wife, haha!

onehm said...

Yay! I'm so glad that you had a great day. You're a rad mama and deserve the best! xo

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