Tuesday, June 5, 2012

I'll take S'more's for dinner and popsicles for breakfast please.

Sometimes when it's just me and the kids we have Popsicles for breakfast.

and i consider having s'mores for dinner. not over a fire s'mores, but oven s'mores.

i've decided i want to start a praise your friends club. the kind where we tell our friends what we did and they praise us for doing the crap we are supposed to do anyway. my hubs is out of town often and the kids don't know or care when i have cleaned anything.

I walked into the downstairs bathroom, actually i smelled it before i walked in, NAIL POLISH, the 5 year old who is sporting a blue mohawk was painting the mirror and the vanity with nail polish. he was naked and on the toilet at the time.

i can't make this stuff up.

just before the punk with the nail polish,

 i realized it is unwise to let the baby (15 months old) feed himself Spaghetti-0h's. he was covered all down his bare belly and it was soaking into the top of his diaper and the pile under him was rather substantial too. it was grody. it's times like this i wish the hubs was home. ideally he'd clean up the mess, and we'd have something to laugh about later.

Hope had her tonsils out last friday. she was excited before it happened and considerably less excited afterward. she is doing much better today.

and that's all the fun we have going on here.

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Jo said...

It's sounding delightfully crazy! Enjoy it

Kenzie CBMommyhood said...

Oh gosh, sounds like you guys are having fun! :)

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