Wednesday, June 13, 2012

ALERT, ALERT an assortment of random delights.

 That title got your attention didn't it?! Today I have an assortment of random delights.


first a super bargain .if you live locally my old friend from high school ,  Joel Tiffany is promoting the Grand Opening of his new Grins Dental and Braces office in Mesa, at the northwest corner of Main St and Gilbert Rd this Saturday from 8am til noon. There will be free food, games, prizes, coupons for braces, and much more!!! Plus free dental care on a first come, first served basis. The braces are $2750 for complete braces, you have to be there to get the coupon. I'll be there. they will also be doing a free cleaning, or extraction or filling, one per customer, for those interested. they take most dental insurances and cash patients will get awesome discounts. the treatments are first come,  first serve. last time they did this at the grand opening, they did $13000 in free treatments. 


Um, i need to break up with pinterest, every time i look at it I end up with a wild craving for brownies. 

but this pin made me giggle.  and it's so true! 


This morning i asked Pierce to do something for me, he begrudgingly said yes and then asked, "Mom, will you pay me a dollar to do it?!" since it was nothing i was like, " um, no! but i'll give you a hug!" he did it, but wasn't as excited about just getting a hug, he gets plenty of them for doing nothing. LOL. 

We've been having a glorious week of celebrating Joy's birthday, she turned 10 yesterday. 
maybe i'll get it together and do a birthday post. or maybe i won't,  i still haven't done the end of the school year concerts, graduation or my birthday. 

we are off to swim with friends today in the backyard. whoohooo! it's always more fun with friends! 

Huge hugs, and suntans. 

one last pin for you that made me cackle for those that don't know their tanning limits....

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Frolicking Night Owl said...

Thanks Julie! They take ALL insurance including AHCCCS. 20% discount for cash patients and other discounts available for partial cash payments. 0% interest on all ortho and more discounts for kids under 20 yrs old. or their FB page is here:

Their regular prices (before all the discounts) can not be beat in the Phoenix area!!

Jo said...

You are right, most things are more fun with friends!

Mamarazzi said...

LOL@ dorito raped...hilarious!!

i love all of the random delights!

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