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May all your Olympic dreams come true. WWTKW

It's "We want to know wednesday" with Mamarazzi and Crazymama!

I , Crazymama, figured It's the olympics in London so let's talk about it!

I found myself on bedrest since last week (for unexplained cramping and spotting in my first trimester)

 While I don't consider myself a huge Olympics or sports fan I have found myself watching it NON STOP. it's so unlike me. That coupled with a hometown swimmer, who has a round about tie,  and I'm now almost a super fan. 


Here are this weeks questions , asked by Crazymama....(That's me if you didn't know)

(1) What was your favorite part of the Opening Ceremonies? 

(2) Which country are you rooting for? ( I realize we aren't all Americans) 

(3) Which is your favorite event to watch and why? 

(4) Have you found a new sport that is surprisingly delightful? 

(5) Have you always been a fan of the Olympics? what is your earliest  Olympic Memory?

and my answers which come as even a surprise to me.....

(1) What was your favorite part of the Opening Ceremonies? 

Hey jude at the end! hello Sir Paul.

 the Queen and Mr. Bond were cool/funny. I fell asleep in the middle and missed Mr. Bean, and overheard the David Beckham part but wasn't fully aware right then. 

(2) Which country are you rooting for? ( I realize we aren't all Americans)

I am rooting for the USA we are very patriotic in my house.

(3) Which is your favorite event to watch and why? 

in the past I think I've been a fan of gymnastics, but this year it's swimming all the way. 

check out this Video the US swim team made. 

so the round about family Breeja Larson

A few years ago my  nephew Bronson was dating this cute girl Kylie Larson. he went on his mission and came back and it didn't work out, he married someone else and Kylie went on a mission,  BUT I super loved Kylie and my kids remember her. 

  Anyway, her little sister is Breeja (pronounced Bree-ya) Larson, and she made it to the Olympics as the dark horse winner against Jessica Hardy and Rebecca Soni in the U.S. Olympics swimming trials in Omaha in June, in the 100 breast stroke. (she's been swimming for Texas A&M). 

I hadn't tuned into the connection until this week when a few local friends posted about her on FB this week. but i jumped on the bandwagon and have been watching and reading all the articles posted about her and waiting for her races. 

after qualifying in the preliminary and semi finals and doing great, she had a rough start in the Finals yesterday.

you can watch the video here 

UGH my heart dropped for her when she heard the buzzer malfunction and had a false start. She didn't get disqualified but i totally think it killed her race. 

but watching how well she's handled herself all along at the Olympics for her first time out, her big smiles and ready hugs for everyone she meets, and the people she races with.

You can tell she's a hugger and she's upbeat and so fun to watch. She's young and has more years to come back and do it again. and she is chalking it up to experience and is moving onward and upward. here's a great article 

Her story usually includes a scare with Thyroid cancer which as some of you know, I've lived and lost/won that same fight. 

Anyway, so  while I've been watching and waiting for Breeja to Race I'm loving watching the other swimmers. and getting to know who they are a little. 

Hello Missy Franklin. So cute . so happy. so talented. She's doing great! 

(4) Have you found a new sport that is surprisingly delightful? 

i asked this question because i found MEN'S VOLLEYBALL! those men are attractive and holy cow, 6'4" is said to be undersized for the sport. they are all tall and some are 6'9"  which has me wondering why have i never been into it before? 

Men's beach Volleyball is equally delightful. forget basketball players, Volleyball is the way to go! and they aren't all young so i don't feel cougarish. they are in their 30's too. hello sailor! 

synchronized diving. i think this is the first time I've ever seen it, I was watching with my almost 6 year old, this is what Pierce had to say about it...

 "two people in their underpants jumped into the pool and they got wedgies, I did that in our pool once" . 

it was men's and he was surprised by the speedos obviously. 

and about men's swimming? "ha, he's gonna jump in with his boobs". (meaning shirtless and muscular) 

he kills me. 

(5) Have you always been a fan of the Olympics? what is your earliest  Olympic Memory?

I haven't  always been a fan. this is the most I've watched in years. I'm usually peeved with the non stop coverage and my regular shows being cancelled. 

I vaguely recall something about the LOS ANGELES  Olympics from 1984

 of course Mary Lou Retton winning in Gymnastics. 

 i was all of 7 back then.

 At around the same time i think my dad was friends with a guy that competed in  weight lifting,  I was too little to know exactly what and who but i remember hearing about it. but who knows. 

May all your Olympic dreams come true. and your country win!
have a fabulous wednesday,

♥, Crazymama

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A Randomlicious Blog for the Soul said...

LOL your son is cracking me up! Syncronized diving is something I wish I could have seen. I probably watched it for like a second when they showed the recap on the news. I missed so many good sports this year. Boo

VandyJ said...

Men's Beach Volleyball is one of my new favorites. It's only fitting--Nick loves the Women's Beach Volleyball but is disappointed in the uniforms they are wearing this year.

Anonymous said...

Haha your son is too funny!
I don't really have time for the Olympics, but the bits and pieces I do get to see are pretty neat!
That's neat about the round about family ties.

~she~ said...

I've heard several people talk about syncronized diving but I've yet to see it.

I was kind of disappointed in the beach volleyball guys. I was hoping for a greater height of attractiveness.

I haven't seen men's volleyball yet but will be sure to check it out!

Has anyone else noticed how much better looking Michael Phelps is when he's still in the pool, grinning, with wild hair? Dressed and combed, he looks too nerdy for me.

The Lovely One said...

My husband has dreams of our daughter competing in beach volleyball one day... he's especially happy the dress code has changed and they don't have to wear bikini tops anymore!

Mamarazzi said...

this whole post was delightful but i especially loved the "Call me maybe" video. i wonder if the athletes are really having fun and soaking up the awesomeness of WHERE they are and are enjoying all aspects of the experience. clearly, they are. so cool!!

loved the questions lady. get rest, cook that baby up right!!

Forgetfulone said...

How very cool to have a personal connection! And wow... you are young! I had already graduated high school when you were 7! I guess that's only 10 or 11 years, but I feel old! LOL Love Pierce's comment!

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