Monday, August 6, 2012

The one where the hubs has to do the back to school stuff.

i confess, i'm struggling a little.

I've been on bedrest for a couple weeks. it started out as "take it easy".

Which then turned into "i don't think you are going to miscarry but you need to be on bedrest for a week or so."

of course, the hubs was out of town on an overly long, no end in sight business trip.

 and my big helper was at girls camp. and the boys were going on an overnighter.

 we were out of groceries.

i was in a panic, not because the hubs was out of town or because i was suddenly on bedrest but because the kids are starting school in a week and i hadn't shopped.  The idea of letting the hubs do the shopping killed me.

I was spotting and cramping at 11 weeks. i'm almost 13 weeks now. if i stay in bed and do nothing it goes away. and when i think it's gone and do more, it starts up again.

and by do more i mean, go out to lunch. or bunko, and just sit in a chair. or go shopping for 20 minutes. i couldn't handle letting the hubs do the shoe shopping so i went in really fast and did it, and realized it was a bad idea later.

 Saturday The Hubs had to take the teenager to the mall to buy pants for school. I sent a list, with the exact items from each store to get. They hit Hollister, but the lines were too long to try anything on, so they left. then, they went to Tilly's to do a return for me, but it was insane in there, so they left. and then, they hit Pac Sun and bought two pairs of the pant i wanted him to get but i'm afraid it's the wrong color. tan khaki isn't beige khaki. i think they will have to exchange one pair. lucky them.

The teenager was horrified at the thought of shopping with his dad. I'm sure someday he'll be horrified about shopping with his mother.

The hubs had to do the back to school Dr. appointments for everyone's meds. I did one appointment for 2 kids because he wasn't back in town yet. Then he had to do two more appointments. I made him lists about what I wanted for meds, and then told him to text me their height and weight stats. Today, he sent them to me without a reminder.

after that he hit the super store where i emailed him lists for groceries and school supplies and important things like socks and underwear for all the kids. it'll make the first week of school easier to get ready for with new socks and underwear. especially since no one has been doing laundry.

then i made him take all the kids for back to school haircuts.

after that is was a rush to get to meet the teacher.

I go for an ultrasound on Wednesday. I'm hoping they'll be able to see why i'm having issues and i'll either have an idea how long bedrest is going to last, or how serious it really is. because it's hard to take it easy when i feel fine as i'm doing stuff. and just regret it later.

Have you ever been on bedrest in the first trimester?

what about later?

tell me your story. i'm dying to hear.

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Ruthie Girl said...

I was hit in the belly playing soccer with my third. They said 50/50 chance shell live. Bedsrest

Ruthie Girl said...

Come to think about it. I've been on bedrest four times. Every pregancy but the first!!! It sucks.

woodward said...

I was on bedrest and tributaline with Kenny. It really stinks. But the Dr told me we had to get to a certain point and we did. He was 5 weeks early, and all because I didnt stay on bedrest after the medicine.

Jo said...

I have no idea how you are managing!

Hope you get good news at your next appointment!

Susan said...

That early on it is usually an implantation issue. With a uterus that as been as bussy as is most likely just sensitive-ness from the the little babe settling in.

I hope for the best for you. I have spent lots of time on bedrest and it is rough business...but worth it in the end.

The Lovely One said...

Good luck! Hope you're at least able to read a few good books while in bed!

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